Episode Characters You Strongly Dislike

I really don’t like Catherine from Clumsy Supergirl, she is sooo desperate, and I hate how she’s trying to force Marion and Gabe into a relationship :upside_down_face:


I basically hate nearly every secondary character that are cameo of the author’s author friend… I understand that it is your story and you’re doing whatever you want with it, but we don’t have to suffer all your inside jokes, it really really doesn’t add anything to the story but pure cringe …

I’m looking at you Catherine from Clumsy Supergirl and Cindy from My alien Lover, that are perfect exemple off what I’m talking about x).


She is the worst character on Episode ever :triumph:


MC’s who act like they’re God’s gift to others, extremely sassy towards every guy that talks to them, can’t form a proper sentence without throwing sass, think the world is revolving around them, have multiple love interests but when someone else breathes around one of the LI’s they get jealous.


The MC from UnPerfect Cheerleader


omg agreed so hard. The mixed signals she gave… yikes. The story makes no sense if you don’t pay for the gem scenes. She goes somewhere with the love interest and they’re about to have a moment then you’re forced to pick the choice to say she hates him and never wants to see him again then leave right after she says that, only for that same exact thing to happen about 10 more times in the story.

The whole story was just him chasing after her and her constantly giving mixed signals. The guy wasn’t that great either, though. I found him to be kinda pushy.


I tried reading this story and almost every character except for Sophia irritated me. The MC is extremely self absorbed, insensitive, and hypocritical. She was angry at Slade (Deathstroke lol) for not speaking to her in 2-3 years when his parents divorced and was forced to move with his mother. During those years, she expected Slade to talk to her but never tried contacting him and when he arrives at their old town to attend their school, she immediately assumes that he only came back to make her life miserable even though she knew it was because Sophia (his sister) was severely bullied.

Speaking of which, it was the MC’s fault that Sophia was bullied in the first place. A year ago, the MC was jealous of Sophia because she though she was a better cheerleader than her and was afraid of being upstaged. In retaliation, she drugged Sophia during a school game which resulted in her throwing up during her performance. Ever since that incident, Sophia has been a massive target for bullies at their school and the MC did nothing to help her during that time. She continued to act like she didn’t know her.

The fact that you have to pay with gems for the MC to have any sense of morality is appalling.


Lion from the empire
Scar from craving scar
Ren from bite my tongue that mf compelled people to have s*x with him!
Scarlette from Midnight rose she’s literally having an incest relasionship
Elijah night from hunting bad
Noah from rockstar in my bed
spencer from upside down
jax from falling for Jax Wylde i adore her other stories but this

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Definitely Amira from Craving Scar and the Chrysanthemums from Ego Season.

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sila from hunting bad
silvio from galactic game
ash from hanging hill lane
the mc from slumber party
elijah, mira and Jordan from Without you
Hailey and hunter from Him and I

I loved Silvio, though. I know almost everyone preferred Kin as the LI, but I had a soft spot for Silvio from the beginning, and I really liked how he made the decision to go against his nature and change for the better.

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You’re definitely not alone on that statement.


Literally just started reading it to see for myself, and I already know where it’s going to go. Oof.

Exactly. It was funny at first, but it got annoying and their b-plot detracts from the main story.

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