Episode Characters You Strongly Dislike

Beau from Under You and MC from Mindreader. She’s always prying into Samuel’s business.



Andrew from Catching Coal

Catherine from The Clumsy Supergirl. Initially she was funny af but then the author focused too much on her love triangle and it got boring. I also hated the way she treated Marion and Gab, calling them puppets, almost forcing them into a poly relationship, playing victim, making them fight with each other…


From the most recent stories I’ve read so far, here’s my own picks:

  • Alden from “Grace”/“Queen”; he was just too much of a cliche “bad boy” stereotype with little to no real redeeming qualities/charm to his character (unlike Liam or even Alec in their respective stories of the Blake trilogy), I didn’t see much to wanna root for him and Grace’s romance with how toxic it got (both between themselves and towards other people), and the fact that he continuously kept being offered unconditional forgiveness and second chances (from Grace’s whole family to his own daughter Queen, despite his clear abuse of her in the earlier parts of the third story), even though he really didn’t deserve it… I just can’t with him :woman_facepalming:

  • Emily from “Secret of Rain”; as much as I love this story from Joseph Evans’ lineup, Emily’s character always rubbed me the wrong way… with how backstabbing she was against Rain getting close to Leon, to her blatant cruelty towards Rain upon hearing the truth of her origins (I mean, granted it was kinda justified for her to be upset that her own identity was used ro seduce Jake so that Rain could get his help protecting herself… but jfc, to say that Rain “deserved” a certain death because of something she can’t control?? Wtf :rage:)… and even by the ending of her “making amends” with Rain it just… didn’t seem right how the narrative seems to pin Rain more in the wrong anyway, let alone having Emily just randomly hook up with Jake (an already annoying creep on his own) outta nowhere by the end… for what I still have no clue :woman_shrugging: So yeah, I do still enjoy the story but the main parts with Emily and such just… ehhh, no thanks >_>

  • The “bad boy” love interest of the “It Starts with a Bra” story (or, “bad girl” if you chose to change the gender)… either way I just could not stand him in my random playthrough of the story >< hella creepy and obnoxious with how he kept getting away with the MC trying to fight back against his pranks, and even by the time he “tried” to show some redeeming qualities by saving her from drowning later… it just wasn’t enough to salvage that dude for me :/. I wouldn’t recommend either him or the story itself tbh.

  • The MC from “The Pregnancy Game” (or “The Ultimate Affair” if you’ve read the Limelight version)… just the whole concept of this chick being so pushy and dismissive of her husband not being ready to have a baby, and then being willing to go behind his back anyway with some neighbor 'cause he’s “hawt” was simply discomforting to watch :frowning: I only ever played the paths of her getting with the neighbor very sparingly 'cause I always felt bad for the husband being caught in all that cheating drama… (which I mean, granted it doesn’t quite excuse the husband having lied to her about his own secrets but still… I was just never fond of cheating plots, much :confused: ).

  • Forgot her name but the “best friend” character from the “Graduation: Then Marriage” story, she just came across as so petty and unreasonable when she found out of the MC’s “confession video” that admitted she had a past crush on her fiance (note, past crush)… and yet the way she blew up at the MC made it seem like she just caught her friend actively cheating with her man or some BS :roll_eyes: I mean, she does eventually get over it and things get made up fine but… sheesh, kinda wished the MC would’ve just found some better friends by that point tbh.

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve read the “classic” version of “The Teacher” but… jeez did Darryl in the original story just come off as so creepy and predatory to me >_<. Even if he may not have technically “done” anything to her when she was still his student, it didn’t make it any less uncomfortable how “forward” he got with her off of hours… and even hearing of his ending with her being pretty bleak and depressing as is, I’m glad I stuck to just choosing the other two love interests in future versions of the story.

  • Most of the lackeys that kept conspiring with the Queen from the “Ruby Tiara”… especially that one chick that scarred Solona’s face when she was just trying to get by in the palace :frowning: glad most of them got what they deserved though.

Will probably add more to this if I remember others later on.


Leonardo from Project Fashion All Stars
Rose from Adrenaline
Raj from The Tale Of Nose Piercing
Summary of each
Leonardo: Constantly bullies MC and gets away with it.
Rose: How can you not hate her?
Raj: The worst boyfriend ever. (Don’t click on the blurred text if you haven’t read TTONP) He’s so controlling and rude, thank god Lali left him at the end

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Couldn’t agree more. Such an annoying character in otherwise super story. :expressionless:
I just click super fast through her rants about her LIs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, you mean Diana? Yeah, I hated how she assumed the worst in the MC just because she said on the video she liked her fiance Kyle (I think that was his name). She got over him that time, so there was no big deal. And also, I didn’t like how the author basically forced the MC to—spoiler alert—cheat on her fiance Isaiah with Derrick even after I said I wanted to be with him. It seems like the author has a habit of making the MC a cheater, and I don’t like that. But I still live the story Graduation: Then Marriage.

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Bump :fist:t4:

Oof, yeah I wasn’t too fond of that plot point with the whole “cheat with Derrick while with Isaiah” thing either :unamused: even when the narrative tried to lowkey “justify” MC into doing it by revealing Isaiah had a baby with another girl in his teens, it still rubbed me the wrong way 'cause I mean… that stuff was in the past, after all. Why’s it gotta be a such big dealbreaker now when Isaiah’s pretty clearly set to move on with the MC? :woman_shrugging: Idk, I enjoyed the rest of the story too but that was still pretty meh tbh



Not just dislike, but HATE was Jackson Brookworth from Finding Emerald. Literally can’t stand him, he’s definitely a Richard Radcliffe from Perfect Little Housewife. They’re both so annoying that I’m glad they’re both dead just because they’re personalities doesn’t do any better even if they were the antagonist from the story.


Soo agree with you. I hate kelsey and axel so much and especially all the characters from him and I… I didn’t like the story tho, these stories are so overrated and are just unoriginal. The mc is always the stupid innocent girl and then she fall in love with some criminal etc and people be like omg what a great story soo amazing…:roll_eyes:


Some people think that knowing everyone, partying everday and drinking alcohol like water is an achievement and if you don’t do these, you’re a loser/asocial/pathetic.


Portia from Portia gets pregnant aka the main character you play as


Lol I had the same thoughts on her character but then found out that Cathrine is Marions he’s friend irl, so it kinda makes sense…

But sometimes her character still infuriates me


scar danger from craving scar :woman_standing:


OMG, yes. I named her Thought without the “ugh.”


Definitely the worst character I’ve ever came across haha


I guess she is nice IRL, but as a character in this story she is just annoying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: