Episode Chefs is Hiring! | In need of {7 more members}


Hi and welcome to EPISODE CHEFS!
This group would be still about art, but I thought It would kind of be a great addition to make it into “Chefs” instead of something more plain

Id like to introduce this group first and for most, this group is called EPISODE CHEFS as said above!
Chefs represents as artists that are cooking up recipes to create a delicious dish! In other words, they are artists that are trying hard to make art inorder for you to be satisfied!

As I’m in need of new members I am going to be hiring but im only accepting spots to up to 7 more people

Episode Chef Current Members

President: @Skyye
Vice President: N/A


If your interested in joining, please fill out this form!
Episode Chef’s Official Hiring Form

Announcements for Art Groups 🖌

I have applied!!!


Ive applied


I’ve applied as well


Since the group has reached the maximum amount of replies, it’ll be back in 20 hours, till’ then Ill be pming you something i’ve pmed to others

Thank you for everyone who applied!




Applied x


Bestie Skye can me apply


Can I apply for vice president and if is it ok if I be in 2 groups since I’m president of Episode harmony