Episode Choice Challenge

The challenge is simple, simply on your computer or phone, Pull up a website like wheel decide that let’s you Type in multiple numbers or names and click on a button to have one just randomly pop up. It goes like this: Everytime you are on a choice, Put in something like: choice 1 and then in the next bar or row choice 2, And choose which number (or label) represents which choice. And when you push the button, whichever number you chose that represents the choice you picked for that number to represent, you must pick the choice that the number represents. Meaning that whatever you were dealt, you must deal with the coincidences. HOWEVER, it is optional if you are playing a story with gem choices. You may choose to include it, if you encounter a gem choice you cannot pay for, you may either reroll, or you may pick the other choice.

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can you explain this to me please?

Play an episode story and every choice that shows up, type the name or type a number that represents/means that choice,



Eat a bug? Or a cake?

Type in the choices, or numbers/letters that means the choices

Create a wheel-like thing, (using a site, I used “wheeldecide.com.”

Whatever the wheel lands on is the choice that you pick. Simple?

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