Episode:Choose your art scene

Whys it feel thats all people care about. I guess im feeling nostalgic or whatever but…99% of stories have them and get snippy when u wanna customize or give an infinity of disclaimers on who the MC is.

Idc if shes your MC…DONT DO ART SCENES. Serioulsy quit being pressured into adding them.

Heck I remember when episode was a choose your story app…now it feels like pick.which art scenes you wanna stare at for 10mins then revert back to characters who dont even look like them in the 1st place.

Like…now episodes/author

Doesnt bother with choices
Doesnt bother with character customs
Doesnt bother with updating assets fr fr
Just doesnt.

Its like mindless tapping away so you can see 30mins of art scenes and not have choices cuuuz lets not forget the MC AINT YOU.

Which yeah yeah thts fine…but how many times really.

Feels like old episode is just dead.

No one wants to include choices
No one wants to have FULL CC or theyre very fruckin agressive about it…like its begruding and insulting.
Theres no CC of a best friend(I use to find that charming)

Its just mindless taps


I can understand where your frustration comes as I’ve agreed with some of your points before and also don’t like no cc all bc of few minutes art scenes, but there’s really nothing you can do about it, and it doesn’t help your case with how aggressive you’re coming off. authors aren’t going to stop adding art scenes to their stories because you’re yelling at them to stop.

also, episode is strongly becoming a platform people use to tell stories like wattpad or ao3, not many authors are treating it like an interactive game app anymore.


It’s true, things have changed a lot, and there’s a lot more focus on art scenes now. It’s a different way of telling a story, and I think we should allow for that as well.

The thing is - when we’re writing stories, we’re kind of pouring our hearts and souls into them. It’s our little world, and we want to shape it our way. Sure, it’s super important to hear what readers think, but at the end of the day, we gotta stay true to our own style.

Not every story can be everything to everyone, you know? I think the most important part as an author is to write what you want to write, and not be too influenced by the readers, because that’ll burn you out in no time.

You as a reader get to choose what you want to read, but as authors, we also get to choose what we want to write. Many authors actually include if a story contains art scenes in the description. Avoid those if art scenes are not your style.

If you’re missing stories with more choices and the old-school feel, why not try creating your own? Like, create the story you want to see.


As someone who has been on Episode since the Classic era, I’m confused as to why you think all authors care about now are art scenes and not being considerate with customizations and choices. It makes me wonder what type of stories you’ve been reading (no flame) because it might just be that you’ve been reading the ‘wrong’ ones in the sense that they aren’t your style.

I can personally assure you that in the past customization wasn’t even a thing until INK came to be about. Then, it was often not included in community stories either or at least in a very simple way by simply copying and pasting the template. As for featured stories, they have always been very inclusive of choices and customization since and they are still now. I can understand why you’d prefer to read community stories for the often lack of originality in featured stories, but that’s honestly just a sacrifice you’d have to make. Community stories are made by authors who write for free/as a hobby most of the time. It is not their job, so readers cannot be making demands the same way they can for featured stories.

From my own experience, I do get the sentiment of art scenes having become incredibly popular the past years, but it hasn’t taken away from the creativity of many stories which still include customization and choices - I think they even add to it. You as the reader have the option to customize or not. If it bothers you that the character doesn’t match an art scene but you still insist on customizing, just pretend the art scene isn’t there or quick-tap through it? It’s often just dialogue that doesn’t heavily define the plot anyway so you wouldn’t be missing out in regards to that.

That said, there is no way to please literally everyone’s taste so with the way things are right now I do think many authors already try their best to accomodate to as many different types of readers as possible. I can already list off a bunch of stories that do offer full CC and are very interactive.


I haven’t seen an art scene story recently but i agree with the choices. Some stories i read gave no choices at all and there’s no disclaimer or anything stating that. Even if the choices don’t change the ending at least guve me a choice😭. Theres not even many options to change your outfit

Also i haven’t read an episode featured story in so long cause honestly, they suck. The original ones made by the authours that are much nore detailed and longer are 1000x better

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I assume you’re talking about community stories, so I’d like to chip in my two cents and bring another perspective to light. Coding and directing is not as easy for every author, especially if they are new to writing on here. In fact, it can be incredibly daunting to learn all the donacodes and come up with different routes and scenarios depending on the choices a reader makes. It’s a very different type of writing than that of a traditional book format.

It’d be nice if we can all be understanding of the fact that the main difference between featured and community stories are not just the fact that one is all about gem choices and the other isn’t. It’s much more than that. Featured stories are considered professional and marketed toward the main public’s interest. The themes, tropes and writing style are very mainstream, and it’s either your cup or tea or not. Writers of featured stories are also more advanced or at least have been writing for some time, so good directing and coding are a bare minimum/requirement and not a choice. Community stories are made by a variety of different types of authors, from storytelling-heavy to interactivity-heavy stories, and from advanced/experienced authors to new ones that are just trying to dabble into writing and coding a bit. It’s true that there’s a lot more clutter and it can be hard to find your niche, but similarly there should be something for pretty much anyone. So instead of focusing on nit-picking everything they do wrong, it may be a more progressing idea to look further than just the top/popular stories and find something that suits your tastes.

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No i mean the featured stories usually have a longer verison on the authors page. A lot of people don’t like episide for the ridiculous amount of gem choices and the ending are usually only one. I think all of us here know how hard it is to code. Most of us one here are writing or have published a story. There’s good stories and theres bad ones. There always will be

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waittt yall love bestfriend cc??? omg im so glad to hear that bc I was so nervous to add that into my storyyy!!!

ok another question tho: do u like having alot of cc or not a lot??
for example: would u like to have a LI/MC who has a lot of family members so there would be a lot of CC?


In that case, it could be that the featured version has more choices and interactivity because there’s a team behind it that helps writing them. I had that happen to my first story that later got reworked to meet Episode’s standards. My own version was relatively basic and had no customization or many choices etc. but the version Episode featured had a team behind it that added the customization and gem choices. Nowadays the system works a bit different but my point still stands that community stories are written with different motives and by a variety of people, and not everyone likes to write it with the same vision as Episode does. It’s why many authors love writing here because they get the freedom to write whatever and however they want! Other companies like Choices, Chapters etc. don’t provide that sort of freedom.

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No not the whole family customisation. Its too many character dara amarie has a template u can use to automatically make family members look like the MC


Good night @Willowbean So, based on your statement on choose your art scene. You can’t not say on people option for why all people care about. Because not everyone is same thing in story. Everyone has their own story genre favorite. They know what to pick and what not to pick in their hobby for their story reads.

So, just because you don’t see something that you find in your style. you don’t need to pick and choose for someone. we understand that you are annoyed by it. But you can’t pinky point on someone. I understand that episode change. Even this world we are facing changing as well.

Also, some stories have customized, and some don’t have that option. Even through authors have a choice of choosing for their story plot ideas, conflict, resolution, beginning of story, plot twist, rising action and etc. Not every author has same ideas. All authors have different expectation and ideas. Authors have different way of adding in their story.

As, I read this part. I can see you are mad and feels emotional. Because you annoyed of something that you are reading on episode app. In episode app, there is different part in a story. I know my own story style. I don’t know if you have found yours as yet. That is why there is description on story for each to read carefully and look through as well.

This is part where I am statementing from your sentence. You can’t jump to conclusion even if it is on authors to change their story or not. Because authors work hard more than readers. Because reason in why authors work more than readers is that authors put more efforts in writing outline, writing sentence, having ideas for book cover, creating description, editing their story, making ideas, mc development, coding, plot twist development etc. While readers are there to read book or stories and comment and enjoy their genres.

You can’t tell authors don’t do art scenes. Because stories need to show on how their characters grow for others as well. Some authors love art scene to helps their story plot show more to the readers. Some prefer animation overlay in story to show expression movement in characters that characters made for their own mc or villain and Protagonist: The main character in your story. This is his story.
Antagonist: The character who opposes the protagonist’s goals and creates the conflict, Mentor: The character who guides the protagonist. Even Sidekick: The character who assists the protagonist and Skeptic: The character who doubts the protagonist’s goals.

Authors does have pressure. Because you readers like pick or choose in their story. Sometimes authors just left community for different reasons and taking break. You can’t say something for them to quite pressure in adding their own characters. When you don’t know what person going through or trying their best to show their effort in their work. Some people can’t ably pressure. Everyone has different challenge and pressure etc.

I understand your point of view. Everything has change from episode app. Even as episode is having a lot of more option by seeing story growing by art scene. Because they are looking on population and left some authors that have good stories as well. But episode app did change. Authors love their own character that they customize. Sometimes authors don’t want to add so much customize to overflow their work. Sometimes authors wanted their characters to stay same without changing. Because they don’t feel uncomfortable. It is their story to storytelling and much more ideas.

We understand that you seem so much of art scene. Because all chapters have art scene in each chapter. How come MC have to change from authors. As author change their Mc. you readers aways complain about little things and sometimes authors create their character through how they can feel, struggle and much more etc. So, for example if you where author would you like someone to tell you the same? I know you can get angry of someone telling you on how they feel of your story. it best to change that story your reading rather than going off cliff. You can’t force someone. That is biggest thing that I can say at this moment with you. It is their own MC. Because authors one that create their own work and Characters in their own ways. you don’t understand on how it feels to sit down days, month or years working on that same piece and them trying to add more sentence than add in emotional and how story ending. They are working hard in writing and reading as well. To see on how you guys like their story turn out. That is why authors leave. Because you never see that they try hard every day in their story.

Why you think I never change MC or characters in author’s story. I love their effort and their characters development. You can throw something to me that customize but I love their work. You can’t force someone. Let’s them choose. This is why some authors is self-esteem. They feel like you guys are not seeing their point in their story. They try hard. You can’t not say that is pain to see authors that work on beautiful story. Some authors can’t make story that well. Because they knew with coding. But it best to give them support. Never judge a book by it cover. Be there for them to support. They are trying each day.

I can say episode feels Dead lately. But everything has their reason. Episode community post in month after they update and even make contest to be feature on episode app. You can’t say no one wants to include Choices. Some people have different choice of taste. Some people have different ways of choice. Some prefer choice and some don’t want choice. Some people want Full cc, and some don’t want full cc. That is why there is choice to choose in the story menu. you have to look in menu or even reads story to see if there is any at all. You can’t even pick and choose nobody want dress games. Because some people like dress game and some don’t like dress game. Because some people comment about it.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling nostalgic about the old Episode app. It seems like you’re not a fan of the art scenes and would prefer more choices and customization options for the characters. While I can’t speak for the authors, I can understand how it can be frustrating when you’re not able to customize the characters to your liking.

It’s worth noting that creating art scenes can be a time-consuming process, and some authors may feel that it adds to the overall experience of the story. However, I understand that it can be frustrating when you’re not able to skip them or if they don’t match the characters’ appearances.

Regarding the lack of choices and customization options, it’s possible that some authors may not have the resources or time to implement them. However, I can understand how it can be frustrating when you’re not able to make choices that affect the outcome of the story or customize the characters to your liking.

It’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to storytelling, and what works for one person may not work for another. If you’re not enjoying a particular story, it might be worth exploring other stories that align more with your preferences.

Everyone in life have different career path and different situation in life. I understand on how you feel but can’t throw it to someone face and expect them to react to how you base on things.

I know that some people have chosen Wattpad, spotlight etc. Because some people want their story to grow and be shown in different app. Some people don’t see themselves in episode app anymore. As readers just wanted to customize etc.

I agree with @Ayo_wolf @Tabiso.stories @Mei @lelanii @Tobe . Everyone that statement their reasons and their statement saying facts. I do agree with them. There are authors as well.


I can tell you felt passionatly with this with your article lol. I agree with you, well said :clap:

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True, but I felt passionalty. Because words can speak action. I know statement above that I have read was very sensitive. Because authors works hard and person just saying don’t care etc. Which tell person have emotional to something that was read from episode app. Authors should be given a lot of credit. It is not an easy thing and when person say they don’t care about Mc to pressure to Customize with author feature of their own choice. That is something else.

Because readers seem to miss out the point. They just like push things to the side and then throw it at authors. Rather than saying something positive but in negative ways that we are reading their comment. which we can choose not too, But I understand person point. Also, that is something that person have to find out for their own style.

It is very passionality for me to hold back the tears that I felt for authors pain as well. For hardworking is not easy. we have to create 50,000 or more words in story. It like they never look up to it.

Thank you for agreeing with me. :heartbeat:

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Is it just mindless taps, though? I guess I view episode in a way that it wasn’t actually created for, but I prefer to see episode stories as visual books or tv-shows. Quite honestly, I think that’s what authors on episode have always wanted all along; to tell their story the way they want and have their characters look the way they imagined. This is not the case for everyone, and is of course, a personal conclusion I have come to after interacting with different authors.

I always opt to not customize because I don’t want to change what the character is meant to look like in a story. I stopped caring about customization when the mysticism of episode wore off when I started to code. Once I saw that choices usually mean nothing and customization has no impact on how characters react to you (Idk I used to think the characters would have different reactions to my look LOL), I lost my want for choices of any kind.

Circling back to the mindless taps, I really don’t think that’s a fair characterization of what stories like that are. Sure, you could read a story, tapping until you see a choice and having that be the only appeal of the story, but I feel like a lot is being lost there. The good part about choice-less stories for me is that I am able to simply view/read a story in the way that it was intended, and be very entertained if it is well written/directed. Again, I acknowledge that episode is advertised as a choose your own story app, so I can see your frustration. I’ve always loved episode in spite of what it is, so I don’t mind deviations.

I don’t think anyone needs to be looking down on authors who don’t want to use CC or choices. They just have a very specific vision for their story that they want to tell through episode. I understand that a certain amount of episode readers won’t be interested in that kind of story as well. I think it’s all about personal preference, and you’re entitled to yours.


I like that! “Not every story can be everything to everyone”. I feel like that’s the perfect way to put it.

YES- be the change you want to see!


Yes, I agree. Also, I feel like art scenes arguably add to the creativity of a story. It’s a piece of art to capture the feeling of the scene, what’s more creative than that? With that being said, I actually don’t love art scenes, but thats just because I feel they’re too abrupt LOL.

Right! Episode does indeed have many niches and different styles, I feel there probably is something out there for everyone, but not everything can be for everyone.



Shut it down please.
Close this.

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Did you not expect people to reply with their opinions on a platform meant for specifically requesting opinions? I feel most people have been on-topic and respectful in their replies.