Episode classes

Hello all of my beautiful episode writers. Tonight I was working on my story and just thought on how not everyone knows the things that I know about episode because I’ve been writing unpublished stories for a while now and I don’t think I’ve, me personally seen this idea on the forums yet. I’m thinking of episode classes a great thing for the summer without your school work in the way (if you are in school) I am also fetching for teachers also ( A coding teacher and a teacher to teach the arts of making covers and nice things like that) so if you want to become a teacher comment and we can chat or just send me a email at bryantserenity6@gmail.com and if you want to join classes just comment.


I will like to make a episode class for everyone who wants to do arts, coding, or just writing I am also looking for coding and art teachers who are willing to do this if not ill just be a writer teacher all the ways to contact me are up there


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This idea has been done before! Last summer! Great minds think alike. :wink: Id love to join the class.


omg yes a real person would you like to be a teacher or student?

lmaoo hi! I don’t think I know enough to be a teacher, I might be able to teach a few things although. But I’d also want to be a student. Whatever works I guess lol

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well im the only teacher for now so i guess whatever fits you

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Hey!! I would love to be a part of it. I’m not that great at coding yet but I know how to do most stuff so I could help out sometimes if you’d like. I’d also love to be a student.

I’m sure more people will join!

Hey, can I be a teacher? I’m pretty good at coding minigames and stuff, and I can also do spot directing. I’m not that good at dialogue and art tbh, so I could use a teacher for that!

Speaking of, are the classes going to be on google classroom or?

I would really like to be a student, I’m not really good at coding and some other stuff. I think it is great Idea to use google classroom for your classes!

Hey, I would love to join these classes! As a student!
Can you tell me a little more about it? As in the timings, will it be like a classroom where many people will learn together or a one on one? And how?..



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Student checking in! Would love to know more.

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I’d like to participate as a student in art and coding and help as a teacher with the writing, if you need one.

@AbeanCake Would you like additional teachers for writing? Because I’d love to help.

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hiii, i’d love to join as a student:)

I also would like to join as a student!

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I’d love to join as a student!

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I would like to join as a student! I need a lot of help with coding :sweat_smile:

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hey there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: sped teacher here. pretty much my job is taking big topics and making them easy to understand haha. I can teach coding and certain styles of art, what kind of format were you thinking about hosting this in?

just some art I've done


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