Episode Classic Character Generator (UPDATE FOR MALES, FIXED THE HAIR PROBLEM)

Now, you CAN have a randomized classic character in the classic style in the portal but it is very limited, the only other perk is that you can get stock character with a different skin tone and you can get hidden nose con to that is if you save your character or change it and save you can’t add it back and you can’t save your character because the portal sees the character as having no nose even tho it does have one and if you save it’ll act as like it, too.

This is if you want more freedom and to be able to generate a classic character randomly.


this is in edit still, I have to make it more stylized as the hair don’t always share the same colors and some don’t have the same colors as other. FIXED.

The green mohawk is the only with green hair, and the silver hair color isn’t on every hair.

If a hairstyle shows up with the name of the color beside it, ignore the hair color gen thing and go with that hair color because it might be the only color that hair is in. You might want to go check… FIXED.
Like Wet Hair (Dark Blonde) some hairstyles colors have different names but look similar to each other…so…

Link to Genarator: http://orteil.dashnet.org/randomgen/?gen=AR6CpZBW

Episode Classic character generator for males: http://orteil.dashnet.org/randomgen/?gen=f5iE9HJ1

I’d like to thank God for- “Thank God!!!” For, um, this creator: Random Ink Character Generator


Because I used the source file of her generator to make mine, as in, I edited it, changed it almost completely, and used it.

I’m a newbie.

And I was confused. and Unfocused.

And God helped me make it, Classic has so many hairs and God was the one keeping me remotely sane for the long hall… He also helped in making it a great deal. Because I needed it.



This is amazing. Thank you!

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