Episode Classic Characters Template

I’d like to create an Episode Classic CC template.
I already tried coding the skin tones, but keep getting errors. I’ll type the script here:

label fskin

Skin colors.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Very Light”{
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Girl 1
goto fskin
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Girl 2
goto fskin
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Girl 3
goto fskin
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Girl 4
goto fskin
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Girl 5
goto fskin
}“Very Dark”{
@FEMALEAVATAR changes bodyColor into Girl 6
goto fskin
} “Done”{
goto female_cc


Now, it says “There is no bodyColor called Girl 1”.

I have two questions:

  1. How do I write the various skin colors in the script for Classic?
  2. How can I make the player customize the skin color? (Is it even possible in Classic?)

Am I doing it wrong?


I don’t think Classic supports CC commands.

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Hm. I didn’t know you could cc in classic. @Daradee

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I don’t know, my guess would be it isn’t possible as classic isn’t as adaptable as ink and limelight. @Dara.Amarie ? :blue_heart:

I’ll try to think of a solution :cry:

Yeah I don’t think it’s possible

Unfortunately it’s not possible in classic unless you create multiple characters with each of the different features.
I’m sure all that branching and directing would be more of a headache than it’s really worth, especially considering how much classic lacks in popularity anymore :frowning_face:
It’s not even possible to write your own name, unless the author gives a choice command with multiple different options.

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I thought of creating a character for each skin color, but yeah God knows how much branching I’d have to do. So nevermind ;-;
I might just make a template without skin color options.

classic cant do cc, did you test it because it dosent work,

If you would create, say, 3 standard characters and give the reader the choice to choose between the three, you could easily use a “gain” to remember that through the rest of the story. You’d just have to start the episode with the if/elif/else command. All you’d have to do after that is write one characters branch, then copy it to the other 2 branches and just replace the characters names :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the easiest way I can think of that can still be inclusive and diverse in Classic style.

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I only done the skin color part so far, which doesn’t work.

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non of it does, not hair eyes, anything classic cant do cc, it was a thing introduced with ink.

Good idea, I’ll try that

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I think hair can be customized. In a classic story that I read a long time ago I could choose a hairstyles for the character

You can only customize things if you create a new character for every option, which is a headache.

I’ll try to test it

Oh Jesus

they made a secondary character, you cant use the change command,

Well that sucks ;-;

its always been like that, cc didnt exist before ink came out,

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