Episode Classic Clothes Changing?

So, I’ve fallen in love with simple old Episode Classic, and I wrote this after writing where she stood:


And it just kept her default clothes on! The same thing happened with every other character! Please help!

@Dara.Amarie @Apes

i love classic clothes too but wdym

I’m not sure why but there was a bug not so long ago, so maybe they didn’t fixed it yet :thinking:

Make sure you send a support ticket!

Classic outfit bug

Oh, thank you! How do you send a support ticket?

Click here to send one

This is happening to all of us that use Classic, along with many other problems. Send as many support tickets as you want, but I bet you’ll get the same generic “we’re working on fixing it” bs answer as the rest of us. It sucks, but Episode don’t care and they probably won’t do anything about it :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:t3::triumph:

That’s awful! :astonished:

That sucks : (
Classic is an awesome style and deserves love, too : )