Episode classic style-Dressing problem


So the problem is I am making a story in classic style and I cant make the dressing game to work the character is still in same clothe. Am I doing something wrong or is this and app issue?


Hm… I’ve never worked with classic so I can’t help you, sorry!


No problem tnx


Can you send the script?



label choosing_outfitday1

    RUBY (think)

(So what to wear today?)

choice “Schoolgirl” {

@RUBY walks to screen center in zone 3

@RUBY changes into RUBY_acedemy

} “Poncho” {

@RUBY walks to screen center in zone 3

@RUBY changes into RUBY_poncho

} “Dressy” {

@RUBY walks to screen center in zone 3

@RUBY changes into RUBY_dressy


@RUBY walks to screen center in zone 2

@RUBY is talk_condescending

@pause for a beat

    RUBY (think)

(Is this okay or should I try something else?)

choice “Wear this” {

    RUBY (talk_happy)

Yep looking good

} “Try something else” {

goto label choosing_outfitday1


Idk what th error is cuz it accepts the coding but when I read the charactr stays in default outfit


Maybe try putting ‘choice’ on it’s own line?:
“Schoolgirl” {


“Wear this” {

Or maybe you don’t need the label part (I have no idea if what I’m saying is right):

} “try something else” {
goto choosing_outfitday1

I have no idea and what I’m saying is probably wrong, but it’s worth a try? Hope this helps somehow :sweat_smile:


Hey it didnt work but tnx, I heard some people also have this problem so it is probably the app that messes up something or it needs to be updated so yeah but tnx everyone for trying to help


I don’t think you can put a dressing game in classic, Then again i never worked with classic :joy:


You can, I use them all the time, but like you said you probably wouldn’t know if it’s a style you don’t work in :joy:

By the way, @M.rosey I found out what the problem was. Apparently there is a bug with Classic where characters can’t change outfits (for some odd reason), so that’s most likely what is wrong.


Yup, it’s a bug. It’s only affect on Classic. So you won’t be able to change outfit until Team Episode fix the problem and wait for the update :confused:


It’s really frustrating as I’m working on a new story, I thought I was going nuts when my characters couldn’t even change into their pjs! :thinking: I do hope they fix the problem as I love classic style…


Yeah so I thought well hope they fux it soon


But until then you just need to create a dublicate character with different outfit :disappointed_relieved: