Episode Classic - Why Can't I Code Customization?


I Am Unable to Code Customization of Characters in Episode Classic
I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing this wrong, or if it just isn’t possible to code this is the Episode Classic style. All that I am doing is:
label hairShort
What short hair style would you like?
“Bombshell” {
@YOU changes hair into Bombshell
@YOU starts primp_neutral
goto hairShort
}“Bold Curls” {
@YOU changes hair into Bold Curls
@YOU starts primp_neutral
goto hairShort

When I put this in, it’s telling me that these hairstyles don’t exist, but they do when you customize a character in the Character screen and I’m using the basic Limelight Code.

Why Classic style's CC comes as an error -- You're doing it wrong, sorta'

You can’t customize characters in CLASSIC. Customization didn’t start until INK.


Wow! I love classic! I will totally read this when it comes out.


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