Episode Classic's characters are stucked on "Generating Preview"?


My character kept on loading forever like this. I’ve tried going on the Writer’s Portal with different browsers and electronic devices but it’s still like this. Even with Flash allowed, it still won’t load. But if I go to “character’s outfits”, then my character will load. I don’t experience this problem with other character’s styles.


Yeah! :open_mouth: That happened to me too! When I tried to make a character, it wouldn’t load the character and I can’t see anything :frowning:


That’s happening with me too,
Sadly, episode hasn’t been answering my support tickets:(


That sucks! :frowning: I feel that they been ignoring classic and don’t bother to help :rage:


I’ve been getting the same treatment, too! I hope they will fix it soon :frowning: Episode Classic holds a place in my heart lol


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I can imagine that this is a huge inconvenience to those who are writing with the Classic style. Hopefully, Episode will fix this issue sooner rather than later. :confused:

As you said, the clothing previewer still works, which would be a good idea to take advantage of until Episode fixes these issues with the Classic style… You can have two tabs, or browser windows open side by side: one for the clothing creator and one of the character creator. Customize the features you want on your character, hit save, and then go back to the clothing creator tab/window and reload the page so you can still preview the characters like this:

Should be a good workaround until Episode fixes this issue. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing :confused: That was only way to see the character :open_mouth:


it happens to me too but i made stories that have all three styles to edit how my characters look


I’ll try what you did though thanks for the helpful tip


Yes!!! Literally yes!!! I’ve been writing in it for THREE YEARS and as long as classic exists, I will support it and write it.
PS. Got any classic stories I could read?


Yes you should read Tortuous by Johanna J.


The outfit tab isn’t working as it used to: it’s incredibly laggy, and it takes me back to the opening section when your story ranking is. I have emailed episode about it, and I hope that they’ll fix it. They have to, because what’s the point of allowing creators to use a style that has too many glitches to handle?


It’s because it’s an old style and it’s outdated so it’s not going to work properly at first, may have some glitches though you can submit a ticket to admin.


I didnt even notice my covers finally got approved you didnt check your email problably


Yes! Some of these are INCREDIBLY worth your time :wink:

Dripping Mascara
Glamanour Heights (I think that’s how you spell glamanour xD)
The Ember Effect
The Dare (its currently in reconstruction tho :’()
Scar Tissue
Beautiful Danger


Ooh, I agree with Dripping Mascara, The Ember Effect, Glamanour Heights and the Dare.
I do know the author of Beautiful Danger and Scar Tissue is on my “to read” list. Thank you for the classic recommendations:)


Yeah this is happening to me too

I hope they fix this issue soon :sob::cry:


Very good story. Sadly, I think it’s been canceled since she left episode.
Have you read Until Death Do Us Part? It’s similar.


This is what they replied when I submitted a ticket: This is currently a known issue in the game. I’ve gone ahead and passed the information you provided to our testers and developers to help them investigate it more thoroughly, which should be really helpful.
Sooo the team is working on fixing it :hugs: