Episode Classic's characters are stucked on "Generating Preview"?


Yeah me too. I’m pretty sure this is happening to all classic authors and it’s ANNOYING AS HELL because you can’t use the two tabs trick for male characters as there has always been an issue with male characters while creating outfits, as most of you would know. Has anyone got a reply from their support tickets? Because if they did know about the issue then shouldn’t it be on the ‘live issues’ section?? This needs to be fixed :triumph: :persevere:


Maybe try using another web browser, Like Google Chrome or Opera Idk but that’s all I can say.


:persevere: Ugh, why are they taking so long to fix this? , I honestly can’t write without making characters and changing outfits!


I know! :frowning: It’s been month already! They haven’t fix it yet… :sob:


Good news people:

Apparently the outfit changing glitch has been fixed on the previewer. But the sad news is that episode has not fixed the generating previewer on the classic character selection,.