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Hi! I’m a new and young creator and I need help in coding on episode I want to learn new things but don’t know how but I want to know how to shake your screen with a character also talking like I want my character to scream a word and the screen shakes while she is screaming?? I need guidance :woozy_face:


You can strat from here his and many other authors videos are very helpful I also started writing a week ago


Hey! For shaking while a character is doing an animation:

&zoom on x y in .1
&zoom on x y in .1

So, what’s going on here is you’re zooming on the farthest side of the zone, and then zooming to the opposite side. For example:

&zoom on 0 345 in .1
&zoom on (coordinates of the opposite side)

It’s important to remember the “&” command when doing an animation or having dialogue while zooming or animating an overlay! The “&” command allows you to zoom and animate overlays at the same time as the dialogue and animations. But be sure to put the zoom commands before the actual animation/dialogue!

Hope this helps a bit!

I also recommend watching Joseph Evans on YouTube to get some beginner tips for coding :))


I just want guidance on things like fades, choices, making the screen shake, overlays, phone texting etc anything that can be helpful to me and others


Check out Joseph Evan’s YouTube videos :blush: I’m sure you’ll find some help :heart:

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@Dara.Amarie has some great tips, tutorials and templates! I pretty much learned to code from her work! I highly recommend checking out her website https://www.dara-amarie.com/guides !!

If you need any help and can’t find the answer, feel free to pm me and I’ll try to help :))


Ok thank u so much x I sure will


Thank youuu x

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No problemo :))

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I made a thread with some links to helpful youtubers who do video tutorials on how to code! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:


Thank you so much I really appreciate people helping me because I felt really lost before I want to produce an alright episode story one day and I want to make sure my coding is pretty good :blush::two_hearts: x


So for overlays Lets say for example your line of code is
(This is acually from my upcoming story lol)
You add the background then add “with” no caps Then the name of your overlay
if you save and preview go to more helpers, then spot directing and there should be an option for overlays at the bottom right vlick that and you can move your overlay anywhere and change the size. then under the preview box you should be able to copy the lines of code then paste it into your story… Hope this helped im not the best but i try Lol

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For the camera shake:
Episode.uwe’s example video:

Episode.uwe’s code for the video:

Of course, you can change the coordinates to whatever suits your scene. :relaxed:

For camera shake during dialogues/animations, you would need to replace “@“ with “&” and code it on one line before the scream:
&zoom on x y to % in s THEN zoom on x y to % in s THEN zoom on x y to % in s THEN zoom on x y to % in s (add however many you need).

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