Episode Coding/Writing as a skill

Would Episode be something you would put on a resume as someone searching for a job in a creative industry?

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Well, :thinking: :thinking: honestly I have no idea about it.
but maybe? Not sure

Ummm…tbh I really don’t know! maybe! maybe some people use it to write for fun or a job…You do get paid if you have and certain amount of reads and gems! But I am not 100% sure

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depends on the area you’re aiming for. if you’re aiming for more creative writing, journalism, English, etc, then yeah, it’ll be better if you put it. I’d change up the wording, however. something like: created interactive stories on a multi-platform story telling app. that’ll make “wrote on Episode” sound more professional, y’know?

but that’s just my take on it :cowboy_hat_face:


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are there other platforms like episode where we can create our own interactive story?

Yes, but we can’t really speak about them on here.

I’d say it really depends on how long you’ve been coding on Episode and how much you’ve done. You wouldn’t want to add it if you’ve been here say for 1 week and haven’t published anything yet or have been on here for 6 years and have only published, like 3 episodes or something if you get what I mean? Especially if you get interviews and are asked questions about it.

But your Episode writing is definitely something you can add to your writing/creative portfolio. Any of your creative writing works are, but the more content you have behind you (experience looks good too), the better it looks ‘on paper’ so-to-speak.