Episode Communities (Instagram Vs. The Forums)

From being a part of the Episode community for about four years, I’ve come to the conclusion that writers, authors, and readers that are on the forums, are very friendly. The Episode community on Instagram is not really friendly because everybody has their own cliques and people that they associate themselves with (this is just my opinion.) I follow a lot of popular authors, and I know it’s not good for me because I’m not on their level yet. I see how they have a lot of readers that are engaged and supportive of them and their story; it kind of makes me jealous and upset.

From my experience, I don’t really have people that would give me feedback on my story, and support me every step of the way. I don’t really have that, and I wish that I did so I won’t feel like an outcast. As an author, I would like that support from my fellow Episode community members, and I don’t really have that. When I’m on here, I feel a bit comfortable because I have nice and friendly Episodesodians to talk to. I’m welcomed to promote my stories on here, have openly discussions, and share my opinions about different topics. On Instagram, I don’t have that! I’m not a top author, and I don’t have that many readers that supports me :frowning: I’m grateful for the number of readers that I have, and some of them do give my feedback on my stories.


Have you thought about joining an IG group?
I rarely talk to anyone lol and don’t really consider myself overly “active” in the IG community but I am part of an awesome group and I talk to those girls regularly which makes me feel more involved :rofl:
I don’t know if they read my stories or not tbh but that’s not why I’m a part of the group. If I asked them for feedback, I’m sure someone would oblige.


I’ve been in an IG group, but I didn’t feel comfortable in it. Mostly because I didn’t understand what the other people were talking about. I just feel like I need to have a group of motivators and friends at the same time.

The right group helps. I’m in one where most of the other members are around my age which I think helps :rofl:. Even though we do group things, we all have each other’s backs and it’s a fun group. It’s an “easy” way to make friends because you’re in a group chat with other people.

Maybe you could try DMing other “smaller” authors? Some of my earlier friends in the community were through read for reads.

Ohh okay. I do need to find people that are my age so I can relate to them more. I’m going to say something about it on my Instagram to let people know :slight_smile:

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I have to politely disagree with your opinion-perhaps you had to deal with that but I have not bumped into any cliques (if I did, I would just move on). I’ve had positive results with it (ok, a few incidents) but most of my time using the app has been great. You’ll meet friendly people and you won’t. Maybe they were too busy doing something else and it didn’t appear friendly to you. Also, these so called cliques you’re talking about could just be support groups where authors support each other-groups do form. Here, on the Episode forums, you’ll get lots of help, and I prefer it over Instagram, too, however instagram isn’t full of people who are not really friendly. Don’t assume that about them based on the events you solely experienced.

Of course, when it comes to stories, instagram is a bonus to promote our Episode stories-yes, you feel more comfortable looking for support here because this forum is dedicated for all Episode users (it’s almost all about Episode) where areas Instagram has a variety of different interests for people.

I’m sorry that you feel like an outcast-that is something no one should have to go through-feel like they’re alone in the community. However, I don’t consider it that negative because it could always be fixed. You can use hashtags to get your posts to a wider audience, and try many other methods.

Also, why is following a lot of popular authors not good for you? You can follow whoever you want-you don’t need to get jealous or be on their level to follow them-following them means you’re showing support for the ones you’re a fan of.

Good day to you.


I dont think the forums are fully friendly though, everyone has flaws and we are humans. Anyone can be hostile (including me lol)


I know that there are some people who are nice and friendly on Instagram. The reason why I feel like Instagram has cliques is because I’ve seen where authors only support authors that are known or are friends. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I just feel different authors should branch out and meet new authors. I don’t want to say any names, but I’ve tried talking to a few authors, and they ignored me unfortunately. I don’t know why.

Yes, Instagram is good for promoting authors’ stories. I do it a lot, and it doesn’t seem like it’s working out for me. On the forums, it’s completely different. I can promote my stories on different threads and people will check it out (it doesn’t happen all the time). I am going to try using hashtags to get my posts to a wider audience on Instagram. I know it can benefit me so people can know that I exist.

The reason why I say that following a lot of popular authors isn’t good for me is because they have a lot of followers that are very supportive of them. I know I shouldn’t be jealous or them, but sometimes I feel as if nobody knows who I am.

I actually just started on IG today so I don’t really know anything. I don’t even know who I should follow :woman_shrugging:t2:

I do agree with. There’s a pro and con to everything in life.

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I’ve had a very positive Instagram experience. The forums have often felt more hostile to me (not to me in particular, but just in general).


I know a few people that you could consider following.

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I’ll PM you.

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I guess I’m speaking about this from my personal experience :frowning: I haven’t been a part of IG community for year, but I have been a part of it for a few months.

I personally prefer the Instagram community. I find it easier to promote my story and start individual conversations within Instagram’s format itself than in a forum setting. It’s better for communicating one-on-one with my readers and responding to their questions or what they say about my stories as well. I do get why following some of the bigger authors can feel a bit intimidating (not sure that’s the word, but let’s go with that), although I’ve also managed to get to know a few of them personally through Episode-related rants and mutual appreciation of each others’ work and feedback, and they’re pretty cool/down-to-Earth people. At least, the ones I know are. Plus I use Instagram for some advocacy stuff, and that usually goes a lot smoother than trying to discuss things like representation on here.

That being said, Instagram did take some time for me to get comfortable with. I didn’t really get active in the Instagram community until someone I did a review-for-review with once added me to a group chat. I guess it gave me more of a sense of belonging within the community, along with following authors with similar interests and values. I find the forums better for things like sharing directing tips. I never post in that subforum, but I’ve learned a lot from it.


I don’t like instagram that much (low key petitions with #idk every day or so), I prefer the forum communities alot more.

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I wonder, is there a discord chat for Episode?

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I joined Instagram at the end of last year and I only just joined the forum about a month ago I think. I started writing in January 2017 just for fun and I still have less than a 1000 reads. Since I’ve started rewriting my story I’m trying to consciously get reads, I put so much effort into writing it, of course I want to share it with people. I’ve done a few read for reads on here and most people have screwed me over by not reading back. I’ve found there to be a lot of selfish people on the forums, however I have met a few nice people too who I now follow on Instagram.

As for the “famous” authors I did follow some when I just joined on Instagram but I had three main reasons for unfollowing most of them

  1. They spewed a lot of racism, white privilege and reverse racism crap.
  2. I saw them bully other people and dismiss people based on how popular they are.
  3. When they started getting paid their ego inflated massively.

I pretty much feel like an outsider in the community too so I can relate to you. I’ve seen how some people on Instagram only want to piggyback off popular authors in order to get their story seen. I can understand why, as Episode makes it hard for unknown authors. It’s kind of like if you’re not popular people don’t want to know you.

I also feel like there’s a great deal of ageism in the community. I’m 32, when I write I don’t write with 13 year olds in mind (that doesn’t mean I break the TOS). I also see it the other way too, how young people are spoke to in a condescending and patronising way just for being a young teenager.

I honestly don’t really look up to anyone in the community, we all spend so much time on our stories I don’t think anyone is “better” than anyone else. Sure we’re at different stages of learning about things, but I agree with you there is a lack of support for smaller authors. That’s like life though some people will literally climb all over you to get a better position themselves.


I don’t have insta :joy:lol
But Episode community is so nice , and easy to talk cough and have lots of weeding recently
, So I will get lots of cake😋
But ya I prefer forum community , because I am not gonna download insta to chat with same (or maybe different) people :joy: