Episode community is unfair and vain


Why is the Episode community unfair and vain? Because;

  • Shitty stories get thousands of reads, multiple plot holes, shitty directing, awful narration.
  • Stupid and inappropriate stories get featured while beautiful stories are hidden under all-the-same drama and romance stories.
  • Some people fucking romanticize abusive and toxic relationship and people stick with those people.
  • The toxicity of the IG and Forum comments.
  • No one cares about the younger audience they have. Just fucking put that scene where it’s literally out of porn.

Moral of the topic, community is biased, unfair, doesn’t see that stories do not reflect reality.


That may reflect some of the community (no doubt). But I don’t believe that the whole community is toxic.
You shouldn’t rope everyone into the same group :confused:

I’ve met and made friends with a ton of nice people.
As long as you keep a open mind and look for people who are positive, you can find the outlook you are looking for :smiley:


Hey, I understand what you mean and I agree with the points that you’ve brought up except the parts that demonize the Episode community as a whole. Some of us are truly good, talented people who recognize a good story when we see one. And know how to write plenty!

We understand the intent in your post, just… Yeah, welcome to the Episode community, not everybody sucks :blush:


I agree with your post that you brought certain points from those stories but it doesn’t mean that the episode community as a whole is at fault or is responsible for it…
There are many talented, good and honest people that I have come across in my short period of time…
We all appreciate it when we see a creative, unique story we will recognize it…
I understand your frustration as to why those stories get so many reads than the stories that should have gotten it but we can’t blame the whole community for this…Not everybody here sucks…


I agree with the comments, although some authors really produce horrible stories, there are many others who create original and entertaining content. The community has not much influence on what gets featured, all what we can do is to refuse reading them. I know that many people still read and will continue reading those pointless crappy stories, but you know they are the “visible” ones on the app and we can’t do much about it. I often start to scroll for long minutes to find some good underrated stories, but yeah, it really gets tiring after a while. I truly believe if more people gave a chance to stories written by “unknown” authors, the trending section would look completely different.

Don’t tell me I’m just too naive, let the girl dream.


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