Episode communityy members

Hey, i noticed that some users have eppisode ccommunity member next to their name how do you be one?

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I think it depends on your level on how long you’ve been in the forums and your trust level. I may be wrong- but I don’t think its like some application you fill out


Yeah, I for sure though know like someone like me isn’t a community member since I just joined 1-2 months ago, but someone who’s been here for minimum a year or more is

ok thank you

Here’s how trust levels work!
Trust Levels
@IrisLevont, you’re a member, just not an Episode Community Member (they’re called regulars.) :wink:



People who transferred from the old forums to the current forum got it.

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What she Said, its a thing all the once who where here back in the old days, on the old forum, has on their profil showing we moved over to the new one from the old one

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This is correct. :smiley:


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