Episode Constellations - Official Application Thread


Welcome to Episode Constellations Official Application Thread!

Our purpose around here is to let people shine brighter.

If you’re a small author/artist, shine brightly here!

Thank you for checking out our thread!

Please read this before rules & application.


  1. How will we communicate with each other?

~ Forums, even if your email and Instagram is required.

  1. How much will we have to be active?

~ Four times a week maximum. If you have a plane flight, etc…please let me know.

  1. Can I be a VP/Organizer?

~ Yes, there is a special form for that. You have to be more active and we’re careful about selecting the right people. Don’t be sad if you’re not accepted as one.

Any other questions we should add to the FAQ? Comment below!


  1. All applicants should meet the following requirements.

  2. Must be active. If any problems, tell me.

  3. Must be kind and start no drama.

  4. Be polite towards clients.

  5. Use emojis to let us know how you’re feeling! :smile:

  6. No art theives.

  7. No spying/double agent”ing” on other groups.


Artist/Member Application :point_down:


Co-Pres/VP/Organizer/Account Manager Application :point_down:


Thank you!

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Please join or tag who might want to!




Applied! :sparkles:


Thank you!


Thanks guys!




Thanks for the tag! Hmmm

@Chesirekitten101 @I_LoVe_Food @Raybadem @L.I.W.F




Thanks for the tag! I’ll be applying now.


THANKS EVERYONE! And thanks to the people who tagged others!


I don’t know if you still needed applicants but I submitted a form :grin: :blush: