Episode content guidelines - can I use real FILM / TV series / Actors / Singers ...atc... names in dialogue?

Hi better safe than sorry…can my character talk about that thay are going to watch some real film or TV show?

Like she is looking at the program of TV and says:

“Oh cool. Game of Thrones starts in a few minutes!”

They are not talking about it anymore just this one sentence

Is it OK, or is it considered as ADD and therefore cant be mentioned because it violates the content guidelines?


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Yes. Only for as a reference.

Songs, Brands, Celebrities and Children:

  • Songs and Brands
  • One-time use of a very limited amount of song lyrics may be allowed. Characters may sing these or they can appear coming out of radios, etc.
  • Passing references to brands are allowed. An example being: “I love Oreo cookies.”
  • Brands cannot be a plot point or drive the story.
  • Real People and Places
  • No celebrity images or illustrated likenesses are allowed on backgrounds, overlays or story cards.
  • References to celebrities are allowed in stories, e.g.,: “Taylor Swift is my favorite singer.”
  • Celebrities may NOT appear as characters.
  • Celebrities cannot be a plot point or drive the story.
  • Story cards, backgrounds or overlays cannot contain brand references or celebrity likenesses

You can refer to the full thread about the content guidelines here.



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