Episode Contest Theme; 911

This Contest was made by Epy’s community members, it is not an official contest So After reading thriller stories I came up with this Welcome to the 911 story contest. Here are some rules for the contest

  1. The story has to have at least 5 characters that have a place in the plot
  2. The L.P.D forces need to be required. Like a dispatcher, officer, etc.
  3. No profanity.
  4. 911 HAS to be included. Like 911: Diss-patcher.
  5. Three completed chapters/published (doesn’t matter if their locked)
  6. Just post your story details here using this fortmat and you will be entered.
    Story Name:
    In-app description;
  7. No more stories will be accepted after June 26th.
  8. I’ll create a new forum to post the winners.

What a great idea! I’m gonna try to come up with something real quickly so I can enter soon.

I’m glad you like it! Please suggest this thread to others!

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Btw I love your story, Black

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Thank you!

I changed the date you have until the end of July!