Episode cover contest!

Enter win a free large and small cover for your episode interactive story for artist @classicallydark!

Contest rule
Must follow or be following accounts: (Instagram) @episode.nikkiloreal and @classicallydark (Episode) Nikkiloreal and Luna Munroe ( No ghost following, by doing this you will be blacklisted from any of our future contest. I will check on this after the contest is over.) 2. Must read the first 3 chapters of our story we wrote together H & V: The Hacker Chronicles.
Author name: Nikkiloreal ( you can find story under this episode account) (Please send snapshots of the 1st and last scene of each episode to my Instagram DM @episode.nikkiloreal)
3.) Must share this post on your Instagram.

4.) When done please DM this Instagram (@episode.nikkiloreal) account with the title of your story, your episode author name, summary of your story, the genre.

Good Luck!
Please go to Instagram for more info or join.

Thread closed as it is a duplicate of one the thread op already created here. Thanks!

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