Episode cover not working


Every time I try to add an episode cover for the second image bit it comes up with this error:

it tells me the size of the image should 966x642 and this is what the image size is does anyone know what I should make it?


The image can’t be more than 1MB. The error is saying your’s is larger than 1MB (1.23MB).

I can see you aren’t using the whole image, try cropping it to only the part of the image you are using and hopefully that might make it smaller than 1MB.


This is what mine is doing too and I made it a lot smaller and it still hasn’t worked. :frowning:


How large does it say your file is? (MB)


1.13MB I think but I made it a PNG and everything.


What it usually means is you or whoever made the cover added fonts/effects e.t.c that by being put together, made a file larger than 1MB.

If you made the cover, is there anyway you could recreate the cover without 1 or 2 effects?

There might be an image compressor available online that could make it smaller than 1MB but I’m unsure how it would affect the quality of the cover.

I usually leave a little bit of space around the edges of the cover just incase it goes over 1MB so I can crop it.


I didn’t make it. BLUE2109 did.


Try finding an image compressor online.

If that doesn’t work, maybe you could ask Blue if they could make the original image smaller.

I don’t know any other way I’m afraid.


It didn’t work so I’ve asked @BLUE2109 to make the original smaller for me. Thanks for all your help. :slight_smile:


I hope the newer one works :+1:t3:


Me too, thanks. :crossed_fingers:t3:


When I tried making it smaller it still dint work and I asked the creator who made the cover and it still dint work. I will try to find a compressor than for all the advice
xx- Megha


I found a compressor called Lunapic which worked when I put the image to 500x355 the only problem is it lost quality slightly but this is the only thing thats working for me at the moment


Open the software you used to make that cover and open the cover file. Before you export your work as a PNG file, there should be a “quality” option. Maybe yours was set to the highest quality making the image heavy. Try exporting the file again with a lower quality :smile:
I recommend you do it this way so you don’t lose a lot of image quality with other online sources.


Thank I’ll try but I have no idea how LOL