Episode Covers Needed! (Trade?)

I need covers for one of my stories! I’d be willing to trade (video edits, splashes, covers (ironic, ik)) and I don’t need it for a while so you can take your time! It’s a limelight comedy :slight_smile:

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I can do a cover for you! Here’s the link to my art shop so you can see my work!

I’m in procrastination mode and I love making covers so uhhhhhh I’m here to offer help if you’d like :smiley:
Take a look at two covers for some of my own stories!


Holy crap your covers are amazing!!

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Thank you!!! I’m literally just taking different poses and pulling a Frankenstein :joy:

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Can I message you the details?

Yes please!!

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I would love to do it you can check out my examples at: Cloudy Skys Art Shop! Open☁️☁️☁️

Never mind… I’m six months to late. :rofl: