~Episode Covers~ opinion?



Heya guys and gals!

So I’ve become interested in creating Episode story covers. I would really appreciate your opinion and constructive criticism on my art and would love to make covers for others too. What would I have to ask in exchange for an edit like this? It took me about 3 hours in total to make this so it is quite time consuming :sweat:

~ Here it is ~

So this is the new and hopefully improved title. Any suggestions? X


That’s awesome!


That’s amazing you did a good job on this! :slight_smile:


That looks awesome! Great job :clap:


Woow that amazing! :sunny:


it’s good the characters in the back are blurry tho and so it seems a little off the story name is a little small but overall it good :heart:


Thank you. I intended to make them blurry for a running motion but should I rather change them to being more in focus? I was stuck between the two options. The title is an abbreviation of my story title so it does kinda look weird tbh :joy:


mk it was just a little thin so maybe enlarging it a tad and the blur is fine if they are running




yesss true


Wow :clap:t2::heart_eyes:


It’s amazing!

But, yes… My only concern is the story title! Overall, I loved it!


looks GREAT! only thing is i cant tell what the title says. other than that, great!!! :clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6:


I’ve dabbled with a new title. It’s meant to stand for the name of my story, cuz it’s quite a long title and can’t fit it in xP Really not good with titles xD
Is it better? :slight_smile:


This is honestly gorgeous, I absolutely love it!!


yes!! i can see the letters now. i love it! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Thank you so much! Xxx


Thank you! Xxx much appreciated x


ahhh i love how you pose/position your characters!!! It’s so unique and well-structured, and you have a solid color scheme as well!! what advice i can offer is to 1.) add various effects to your text, like embellishments or shadows! it can make the title really pop out and 2.) make good use of filters/lighting to make it look more realistic!! filters and lighting can really make or break your cover. tl;dr amazing job, try dabbling w lighting and effects to make it look more natural! if you want rly in depth advice on that, feel free to PM me, i’ll be happy to help. <3


That’s really good!