Episode Covers!

A lot of stories on Episode get a lot of publicity, due to their covers, scrolling through stories I can see how eye catching they are to the viewer. I’ve been asking everyone how do they get such nice story covers? I only get replies like “I’m glad you liked my story, follow me on IG” basically not even giving me an answer. So i was hoping can anyone answer my question, How do you get such a nice cover without making it yourself?

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You can see in instagram and request episode editors for a cover requests. You can get a free cover or paid one (commission) deponding on editor. Episode page in insta give shout outs to the editors :slight_smile: :).

There are loads of people on the forums who will happily make a cover for you for free (including myself :D). You just need to find one of their pages and let them know what you’d like it to include. Some ask for recognition, others don’t :slight_smile:

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