Episode Crashes (please help)

Why is it that every time I want to preview my own story, my episode app just crashes and I can’t preview it anymore? It only happened recently and only with one particular story, the other one is fine but I tried everything I tried copy and pasting my script I fixed all errors I tried deleting the app and logging out then reinstall it and stuff but nothing seems to work please help

Try submitting a ticket to Episode/ Pocket Gems by clicking the link. They’ll normally respond in a few days with an email explaining what’s going on. :smile:

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^^^ this would be your best bet. Thanks @IIChanII :yay:

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I did that, but the problem is that it only started crashing when i added a small little scene where an overlay takes over the whole screen for a sec then it disappears, the second i did that the whole story started crashing on my phone then whenever i deleate that part then replay the story in my phone it kinda works but the thing is that part is important to the story and the overlays are a couple of KBs big they’re not even huge at all so i dont understand

I tried it twice now whenever i delete that small little scene there it works the second i add it back it crashes