Episode Creativity Official are searching for new members!


Hi we the admins of ECO (Episode Creativity Official) are looking for new members for our project TSA.
We’re looking for members who not only seeks experience, work or teachings but also friendships!
If you’re curious you can look up on us here on our twitter or on our facebook.

We need:

Two PR persons (Twitter & Facebook) :studio_microphone:
A creative writer :fountain_pen:


Discord profile.
An e-mail.
Read this password: Tanzanite :gem:
Fill this form.


We will bump this to look for more members.


Hello! I was wondering if you’re looking for editors? I am good with the grammar side of things, and I would always be happy to lend a helping hand when it comes to proofreading Episode stories.


We do have one, but having an extra proof reader wouldn’t hurt. We’d say you apply, and lets see :wink:


What are the jobs left


Hi all the jobs listed are left. But today we will reply to all applicants via e-mail today. And we will update the post right after.


Bumping this again, as spots are still open!


Which spots are left?


Coder, Artist and PR. :smiley:


Could I be an artist?




Thanks :slight_smile:


Any roles left?


Yes. They can be seen under “we need:” :smiley:


I can be a background artist


Yes, just apply.


Bumping this again, as spots are still open! :grin:


We are still in search for a friendly PR person :smiley:


Can I be the PR?


Yeah, just apply :smiley: