Episode Creativity Request Thread! (OPEN!)



Damn Girl,
I have no words !
Can I request more


Of course you can!!




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Here they are:


@laralyfe do you have a specific bed you would like me to use for the background?


Sorry for the late reply, no not really as long as she is crying and the duvet is over her :slight_smile:




@laralyfe here is you art!

Here is a version without the covers on top of her


Please let me know if you’d like to change anything!


Its so prettyyyy


Aww thank you!




SO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY!! I LOVE IT, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart:




Hey guys!!! Would anyone be able to make a cover for my story? If you are interested just say so and ill reply with the details and all. Tysm!


I can try if I’m not too busy


Really? Woah thank you! Tell me when youve got some spare time and I’ll send you everything :slight_smile:


remind me


Hi @crazypopjess! Sorry for the late reply… If @SilverStar hasnt done it already I can sraw your cover!


really? that’s mean a lot, tell me when you want the details :slight_smile: