Episode Creator Not Updating Script


Hi! I’m having a problem where when I save my script on my laptop, and then I try to preview it on my iPhone, the script won’t update. It stays at the end of the episode, not going back to the beginning of it, and zoom in really far on a random spot where I didn’t tell it to zoom. I always give up and wait a couple of hours, and try again, it always works once every couple of hours, then when I try to update it a second time, it glitches out, Please help :frowning:


Have you tried deleting the app and getting it again? Updating your script and THEN restarting it. (For some reason- it did something for me like that too, I just made sure i updated my script, then restarted it, then if I was wanting to go to a particular scene I go to that)


Yeah, I’m having this problem as well! :confused:


Alright, thank you, I will try that :slight_smile: