Episode Dating Sim?

I’m just starting out with creating stories and I wanted to make one reminiscent of a dating simulator where you have multiple people to choose from and get to complete the “route” of your favorite love interest.

Quick rundown of my plans: It is pretty damn ambitious (I can only imagine how much work will have to go into it), but I’m keeping things simple by having the MC choose what person they want to date at the start after being able to talk to all the LIs/learn some stuff about them. Then from there they go on three dates with whoever they pick. There’s not a huge overarching story or anything wild like that… though the setting is hell so that at least keeps it interesting. If they make the right choices, at the end the LI asks the MC to be their girlfriend.

Does anyone have any directing tips/suggestions to make this work well and/or make my life a bit easier? Any feedback would be appreciated! :blush:

All I can say is Good. Luck! My tip would be to have the forums open at all times while working on this! You are on brave soul for attempting this lol! :sweat_smile:

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Make sure you always use gains. You will probably need multiple story paths, so as @Lauren.Writes says always have the forums open. This is a great idea and I wish you the best of luck. :grin:

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Use a combo of gains and character points. Always make sure to test each episode and branch you write on your phone/tablet to make sure everything works out smoothly. Messing up just one code can result in errors and incorrect paths in later episodes. Most importantly, take all the time you need. This idea is challenging, so best of luck with writing and directing to you. :wink:


I volunteer for all your splashes!
Now you can worry about everything else!
Good luck, link it to me, cause I’d read it. I read many Otome games as stated in my profile :smile::smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::confounded:

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Thank you, I definitely won’t be closing the forums tab until I finish this :joy:
Not only am I brave, but also a bit of a masochist!

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Thank you for the well wishes! :grin: I’ll try my best.

Thank you so much for the pointers! I am going to be dedicating a lot of time to making sure everything is coded perfectly - or at least well enough that all the paths work out, lol.

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Thank you for the offer! And I’ll be sure to send you a link once I get some of it finished :grin:

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Np. :smile::smile::smile:

This sounds interesting. I’ve wanted to try something like this but unfortunately I’ve been to busy. Let me know when it’s out, I’d love to read it.

I agree with the previous comments. I’d say use Character Points for deciding who the Love Interest is.
When the MC learns something, you could use Reader Messages to let the reader know.

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