Episode Designers Studio

Please like this if you think it would be cool for Episode to have a outfit designer studio. “Episode Designer Studio” would be for users to design their own outfits for characters instead of using the ones they have to choose from. I’m trying to get this approved that way I can get “Episode Designer Studio to become part of Episode Interactive.”


its a good idea but I have a few reasons I dont think it could happen, I am goona compare to sims cc

reason I cant see it happening is a lot of people would copy copyritghed disigns. or use brands and such. and then we would have a problem. sims have cc with a lot of brand stuff, and that is fine because EA do not earn money on it, while episode would kinda. same way youtubers cant just add others music into there videos.

another thing is also, where sims 3d animated so its just one already made model you put skin on. kinda like putting clothes on a barbie doll. where episode is 2d animated. and 2d mean multiple frames has to be made for it to work, els its just a picture. .


I can understand where you’re coming from but stealing designs would be nearly impossible since they already have an AI scanner (They use it to tell if our backgrounds are copywritten or not) that searches for things like that.

With that being said they already made the code for the tops and such to be automatically fitted to episode bodies. All we would need to do is recolor then/design them.

this is what an episode shit looks like when we see it on the character:

This is what it looks like in the actually code:

So as you see its just simple paperdoll (A form of animation) its 100% possible for them to allow us to create out own clothing with the things they’ve already made.

Top front view
Top back view
Sleeves front view
Sleeves back view
Shoulder Front view
Shoulders back view

All of their shirts, jackets,coats look like this (some dressed too if they have long sleeves.)

Most of their dresses are only two pieces the top and the bottom both front and back.

I 100% support this too then they would never have to make us normal creators clothing again.

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most of AI scanners cant even find the picture if you mirror it,


I know thats why when you reupload it to be approved it goes through even though it was rejected the first time. That’s why you can change a small detail to it and it’ll get approved their AI scanner.


There will be lots of prolems with it, you know copyrights and stuff


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