Episode Diamonds request shop *CLOSED**


Since our last one got closed we made a new one The people that requested your request will still be completed

2.@Chloe5 - should be done on thurday or friday

4.@Shani_Theo - Should be done next week

6.@K.D_KING_EPISODE - should be done today or tommorow

7.@Jonna - almost done

8.@Canta - should be done next week

9.@SagaInstalment247 - should be done today or next week

15.@biantome -should be done next week

@itssss.angie.bish - I need the deatils

@raadz - Do’t have the time when it be done

@ReeceandBecca - I need the deatils

@K_Artist2001 - don’t have the time yet

@dimarie8813 - don’t know if you still want it

@Dona_H - I need the deatils again

29 @oceanlover - should be done today

Your request will be completed


Can’t wait. :heart:


The person that doing your request say it be done in 4 days


Let me know when you start the cover please


@olivia.episode19 request completed



i see that you asked the details but i already did a pm to give them to you, have you had them?




Ok thanks x


@PrettyEri your request is almost completed


I don’t need a drawing anymore thank you.


Thank you so much!


Thank you!


@OyeeAbi request completed by @Mya1357


If you like any changes just say


Attetion Everyone we will re open in a week or 2 better than ever


Attention Everyone should we change our name to Episode Amigos


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I think you forgot to list me. I requested a cover a few days ago from @Ankita and I don’t see my name up there… I’m wondering if I’m still getting it… It’s okay if you can’t, I’ll request somewhere else


can you resend the deatils


@raadz your art scene is completed didn’t know what outfit you wanted request made by @Jasirella


it looks lovely, thank you