Episode didnt ask which email to choose in the app!

hey ! so i just wanna ask everyone how they logged in on the app because when i chose “log in with google” it didnt do anything like, didnt ask for my account. if this happens, how am i supposed to log in on my computer? PLEASE HELP :frowning:

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Did u pick log me in for thirty days becomes then it doesn’t ask for ur account for thirty days

I had issues with this as well…I have 3 Google accounts and it just kinda picked one and ran with it. I can’t remember exactly how I got it to work…you might want to try temporarily removing your other Google accounts and then logging in with Google again using only the one you want to use in the app…If I’m misunderstanding and you’re only using one Google account you’re okay…you can log in with Google on PC as well.

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the same happened here ! :frowning: but thank you! everything’s solved now… luckily it asked which account to choose when i logged in and logged off for the thousandth time lol

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nope, i dont remember doing it, but its over now! thank you :smiley: