Episode does not respond

I wrote several emails to Episode Writer Payments Support but they only provided acknowledgement letter, saying one of their experts will take care of my issue. I wrote several emails since 8th December, asking for updates but they did not respond at all!
Is there like some other group from Episode which I can contact to have this issue raised.
Please help.

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you submitted a request like to here
https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?

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@Nodira the reason for the lack of response may be because every time you add more replies to your ticket, it pushes it to the bottom of the ticket queue, meaning that it will take longer for the ticket agents to respond. The best thing to do after submitting a ticket is to wait for a response from the agent before sending in your reply or adding new information to your ticket.


I have waited since December for a reply. At this point shouldn’t have I already received a reply?
I also sent totally new email to Payments group but they keep saying they are forwarding my request to Liz.