Episode doesn't respond on their support tickets

Hello there-
I have a lot of trouble with Episode in a last couple of days… I sent them a lot of mail and I didn’t receive and answer. I’ve been waiting for Liz since 1st September, I really need help and any of them are not answering me! Do you guys know what’s going on? Does some of you had a similar problem, like waiting for an answer more than one week?


In all honesty I’m ok they answer my emails and it’s not really delayed it’s kinda almost immediately

When was the last time you send a mail? I hadn’t problems before,. but now I’m waiting more than usual

if you keep sending repeat of the same, they will put you back on the list.

Bumping and/or responding to a ticket that you submitted will only increase your wait time. The best thing you can do is wait for a response and stop bumping it. Thanks! :v: