Episode doesn't seem as hype as before...?

Hi, hey, hello! If you frequently use forums you probably haven’t seen me before. My name is Lizi and I’ve been an author on Episode since… 2016! Yep, an OG one, I’d say. You may have heard of my story Babysitting the Bad Boy. (hopefully in a good way) Anyway, the thing is, my stories don’t get as much reads anymore and I don’t know what is the reason, maybe the hype died down? Because I remember back in 2017 there were countless editors, authors and etc and now it’s all just gone… Is it just that hype died down, Episode doesn’t have ads like they used to have few years ago and no one is playing game anymore or my stories just suck? :smiley: Please let me know if this has happened to any of you, thank you :slight_smile:


Babysitting the Bad Boy is INK am I right? Because at the start of 2020 I’ve only been reading INK stories and I’ve read yours! :joy: Well it’s probably because LL is kinda “the thing” now… All the amazing INK stories just don’t get as much hype anymore.


Thank you haha! And I’ve written Limelight stor(ies) as well, including BTBB in limelight and also my another story but it’s not getting reads either ):


I just want to say Babysitting the Bad Boy was a really good story I don’t know why it isn’t getting a lot of reads anymore! :confused:


Thank you love, that means a lot! Maybe I have to write about toxic male characters and then I’ll get reads hm? LOL


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Thank you, I’m new here so I didn’t knew it well! (:


I feel like reads dropped significantly ever since they introduced that weird “read 20 chapters of selected featured stories to unlock all stories” feature for new readers.
Back a couple years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see stories with 20m+ reads on the trending. It’s pretty rare now for a story to get that many.


I agree! I told my young sister to check my stories out and the amount of chapters she had to read of featured stories to ACTUALLY get to normal authors books she quit. It was very discouraging to see, even my friends don’t want to re-download Episode because of that, I wish they’d remove that stupid thing and actually let us be. It’s really discouraging when I put my whole heart in a story and it barely gets 1K reads and back then without trying my stories got 1 mil reads easily.


do yk where i can find the ink version of ur story?

Hi! You can either go on my instagram which is @storiesbyartemis and all my stories are in link in my bio, if you’re asking for Babysitting the Bad Boy INK version it’s this link right here! http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5452172794986496 (I converted it in a new account and this might be a reason of few reads) however, I’d recommend you to check out my Limelight story called Deal with the Devil if you read LL because it’s more properly written :slight_smile: Enjoy

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I think it’s harder now too because of having to get stories reviewed before they can show on the trending sections and also, the genre trending sections are capped to 100 stories. In the past, people might have scrolled through the stories to find new stories they hadn’t read before, but that’s not possible now.


I definitely think it’s cause they locked the app and are forcing new users to read a bunch of featured stories with lots of gem choices.

And apparently if your phone is set in a few particular languages (ex. Spanish) the app will be in that language cause they translated a bunch of featured stories in that. But this means that you can’t get user stories because all of them are not in that language, so it’s locked even worse.

They really need to just unlock the app. I feel this is the best way to increase overall reads.


ahhh my friend wanted to read my story but she gave up after the third chapter of one of the featured stories


I remember I used to check episode ALL THE TIME and now, I probably check it once every few months. Stories just don’t catch my attention anymore OR the stories I love take forever with new episodes. But I’m also 26… have other priorities, lol.


Me too! Back when I was a teenager, I had more time and right now I’m just constantly busy.

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