Episode drama. Where does it end?


I really just wanted to talk about this (Even though it’s been talked about several times) I am really sick of all this episode drama. And I’m wondering if anyone feels the same.


I’m over it too, people should just not interact with each other if it keeps causing problems


Yeah, I quite @episode.harmony before I could even do anything because of the RIDICLOUS drama that was going down in there.


I swear anytime I join anything. Drama appears before I can get any requests in.


I’m in episode harmony, but I’m not quiting because they’ve been nice. I mainly ignore most of the drama


I know, I was really sad that I quit, because there were a lot a wonderful people. But I really just try and stay away from drama. Episode.harmony needs drama-free people like you. :relaxed:


I try hard to not set people straight because I want to be on everyone’s good side


I’ve been aware of the drama for the last 5 mins and am already sick of it :laughing:


It’s really hard too, because it’s so easy to try and add your opinion. It sometimes takes everything in me to not say what I think.


I tried saying that people should stop talking about each other and everything would cool down, but i was told to drop it. I’m a little salty, but I ended up making a friend through it somehow


I feel as if some people just want drama. :tired_face:


Lol, me too.


What’s actually going on though? To me it just looks like random people are swearing at each other.


Lol I used to be in one of the groups and I didn’t even know what was happening. Tbh I didn’t even realise there was drama in the first place. All I know is IT’S TIME TO STOP THE DRAMA.



@ drama generators


I was part of the drama…and I tried to stay positive and not let the haters get to me. But my best friend ended up leaving the forums because of it. Mostly what is haplpenibg with the drama is people are holding grudges for something that happened a while ago…then they try and get revenge!


How far is too far? I really feel like some people need to remember that not everything has to be this HUGE deal. If you just want to talk to someone. do you privately. pm’s were made for things that that.


Ah I see, I find it unfortunate that these grudges were so strong and I have sadly read some of the comments being said to others. None of us joined these forums to be exposed to malicious comments, bitchiness and bullying - the fact this is happening is not impressive.


Yass I agree. It came to a point where they were cyber bullying eachother. It just got way out of hand!


Exactly - PM all the way!

Honestly major kudos to the moderators for dealing with this as well.