Episode-dreams contest: Create a cover for us!

Hey there @meadowh here one of the presidents of Episode Dreams! Now we would like to hold a contest to see who else in the community is secretly an extremely talented artist!

My group, Episode Dreams, stands for one thing- making people’s art dreams come to life! Whether that would be through photoshop or digital art, we always love to help out with your covers, splashes, overlays, backgrounds, art scenes etc!

But now we want to see art from you! All you amazing artists on the forums that are in different groups or solo- it doesn’t matter.

Now, this is the contest. It’s a little confusing but bear with us.

We are going to describe a story- not a real one. And you will create a cover that could go with the story.

**Here is the story you will be creating a cover for:

The story is called Infected, it is a futuristic drama/thriller.

It is about a post-apocalyptic world where zombies exist and if you get bitten, you get infected.**

Please note that this story doesn’t actually exist, it is just a story concept to base your art on!

. Don’t steal anyone’s art!
. Stick to the theme!
. You can create your cover in Ink or limelight (your choice)
. It can be digitally drawn or photoshopped!
. Please put your forum or Instagram username at the bottom of your art so we know who to credit if you win!
. You don’t have to be an amazing artist to contribute, you can even draw stick figures!
. Don’t criticise anyone else’s art unless it’s constructive and phrased in a polite manner.

.To help the cover fit the theme, we would prefer that you would use a dark theme- as the “story” is based in an apocalyptic world.
.We would also prefer that you use some aspect of danger such as guns or daggers (as you need some sort of weapon in the apocalypse)
. And also, if you could make your character(s) seem distressed or angry.
. As this is zombie-based, maybe you could add a zombie in the cover.

Remember these are just suggestions, but if you use them, we could take that into consideration when judging!

To receive the maximum number of points so that you have the best chance of winning, you can also add a description for the story to give your entry more depth.

Here’s an example entry-

Description- The human race is in jeopardy, zombies are infecting the world. You’re a survivor. How long can you stay uninfected? Will you make it to the end of the apocalypse?

Please note that you should not use my description in your entry and you should make up your own!

There will only be 1 winner!
And the winner will receive the following.
. A shoutout on our Instagram and on the forums
. Their entry will be featured on our blog
. We will review their story (if they have one)
. We can create some art for them, if they would like!


The winner will be announced next week!

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