Episode Dreams: Request Thread *OPEN!*



Oh woahh…! I just wanna say, this group’s art is really good! :scream:


wow thank you!!!


No problem!


somebody needs a story review, btw.


What do u mean?




Do u want me to do it?


If you want to. I can do it too.


Dw I’ll do it :blush:


ok, thanks!! :grin:


I’ve done it!


Ok, good job!


I like to make a profile picture request


Sure, tell me the details and I’ll do it!


Here’s my character

Background can be purple or blue


And can she wear a custom outfit


And title should say Queen of laughter


sure!! What outfit do you want? Like do you have a picture of what you want, or an idea, or a theme???


Hey there I’d like to have a large cover art. A large one :slight_smile: by @Chesirekitten101

Now here are all the infos you need:
Title: If You Wait
Author: Venise

I don’t really know what positions I want them to have, but here’s how they look Now and Then. If you ever need inspiration when drawing/making the cover.
Story Description: Hazel lives an ordinary life in California with her family, until she was caught up by her past after a mysterious encounter and discovers that she was kidnapped.
And it’s called If You Wait because in the story before being kidnapped as a kid (5yo) she asks her brother to Wait for her, he refused to and well somebody came, fooled her and took her. And later she meets again with her brother without knowing it’s him, and she asks him to wait for her as they walk.
It has Custom Character.

Genre: Drama
When do I need it done : As soon as possible.

Mood of Cover: A bit dark would be nice.

If you ever want to add the characters I sent and give them poses here are their info:

Tan: Copper 05
Brow: Straight medium
Hair: whatever long black haircut you want
Eyes: Female Generic Color: Hazel
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Flared Upturned
Lips: Full Round Flat Top Skin Color: Tan Deep Neutral

Tan: Copper 05
Brow: Round Thick
Hair: Slicked Back Solid Color: Black
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Color: Blue Deep
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Round Wide
Lips: Full Heart Natural Color: Tan Deep Gold.

That’s all thanks in advance :slight_smile: Btw you’re not obliged to put the characters, just do whatever you want, drawing or character poses.