Episode Dreams: REQUEST THREAD 😍- THE REVAMP aaaaahhhh



Welcome back guys <3


Aaaahh thanks!! :blush: feel free to request if you ever need :kissing_heart:


I will thanks xox


Wow you must be a fan of teh style Classic and can you give me tips on ur arts plz


If you request we would be more than happy to ehlp u


Idk bout u but I find the classic style quite creepy and they kinda look like aliens :joy::joy: but it’s cute in a way lol




Can anyone give me charace=ters in custom poses plz


I don’t have any, sorry :confused::joy:


THX it looks amazing


No problem! Come back anytime :wink:


Ok! And yes, I want it to be the waist up like in the picture you made!


In the picture I made it shoulders up, but I can do waist up if you prefer :grin:


I would prefer waist up! :heart:️


Hey, do you guys do art scenes request?


Yes we take any requests! :grin:


Sure, the earliest I can get it to you is Tuesday though because currently I’m on holiday. Is that ok? :two_hearts:




Hi everyone feel free to request


I just need to finish some quick requests and then I’ll get to yours :blush: