Hey guys I am starting up edits again after months of not doing them I am finally starting to get back to them. I can add snapchat filters and blush and etc and kind of edit the cloths and the Edit can be used as your pfp. I don’t have that much examples because I lost my past edits in my Google Drive but I do have this one:

Recent Edit


Here is one I made for @Cheyara_Skadi

Edit for Chey


(Don’t ask who they are :sweat_smile: )

Please fill out the form above to get one…. I can’t say how fast I’ll get them done, it really depends on how many Edits I get :slight_smile:

Notice: For your extras I might not do them as in these are my edits that I am creating, so I might not do the edits as you want it to and I might do my own thing with it.

Thanks for anyone in advance!

Also, please tell me when you have filled out the form on here so I can check it.


Don’t expect me to do a certain thing with your edit. like for a pose, I might not do the pose you want me to do, so please don’t get upset with me if I don’t, this is my art and I really can do whatever.

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people on the waiting list:

No one yet :smile:


@Forever1201 and @Cheyara_Skadi
Thanks for filling out a form, I will get them done as soon as a can :grin:


No rush sweetie take your time :smiley: :kissing_heart:

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I will, thank you.

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Yay :blush:

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Thanks for filling out a form, I will work on it after I get the two others finished :grin:

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Thanks for filling out a form, I will work on it after I get the three others finished :slightly_smiling_face:


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Here’s your edit :sweat_smile:
Sorry, its terrible

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Love it

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It’s so bad though :sweat_smile:

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I don’t think that :blush:

Oh, okay :sweat_smile:

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thanks for making this form available, i just filled it out

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No problem! :blush:
I will do yours as soon as I get the chance :smile:
Thanks for filling one out, means a lot!

Here is your Edit Request, it’s finished :blush:

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Awww that’s beautiful! thank you sweetie! :smiley:

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No problem! Now if you wanna use it as your pfp or something, please credit me

Don’t worry I will definitely credit you when i post it on my instagram :smiley:
I do art myself so I will always credit people honey :smiley: what name would you like it credited under?

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