Episode Errors in the writers portal


What does the error “Too many values to unpack” means?


It could mean multiple things. Maybe missing spots? Can you post part of your script?




@HUNTER spot 0.691 264 230 AND HUNTER faces left AND HUNTER starts idle_phone_hold
@HUNTER moves to layer 0
@RICK spot 0.606 119 329 in zone 2 AND RICK faces left AND RICK starts think
@RICK moves to layer 3
@DAD spot 0.878 303 135 in zone 2 AND DAD faces left AND DAD starts talk_flirt
@DAD moves to layer 2
@MOM spot 0.869 251 145 in zone 2 AND MOM faces right AND MOM starts blush
@MOM moves to layer 1
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@EMMA enters from left to screen left AND EMMA is run_athletic
@pause for a beat
@EMMA is admire
@EMMA moves to layer 4
@pause for a beat
@EMMA walks to spot 0.456 111 370 then EMMA is hug_rear
@HUNTER is startled_surprised
@HUNTER is hug
@pause for a beat
@YOU enters from left to screen left AND YOU is walk_neutral
@YOU moves to layer 5

_ YOU (talk_happy_smile)_
_ Now I know why she was emotional._

@pause for a beat.
@YOU walks to spot 0.833 171 in zone 2
@pan to zone 2 in 0.6

_ YOU (talk_gossip)_
_ Hi guys._

@MOM faces left
@RICK faces right AND RICK is admire
@DAD is think

_ MOM (talk_greet)_
_ Hi honey I am so glad you are ok._

_ YOU (talk_happy_agree)_
_ Me too mom._

_ DAD (talk_think)_
_ Where is your sister?_

_ YOU (talk_sheepish)_
_ Over there with Hunter._

@DAD is arms_crossed_angry
@YOU is idle_awkward
@MOM faces right

_ MOM (talk_contend)_
_ George we have already talked about this._
_ Let the girls live!_

@YOU is cough

_ YOU (talk_awkward)_
_ Not to ruin this moment but, why are we here?_

@MOM faces left

_ MOM (talk_neutral)_
_ Shawn was shot._


You’re missing number here


Oh ok thank you so much.


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