⭐ Episode Exchange 2020 Contest ⭐

𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸! :blob_hearts:

Welcome to the Episode Exchange 2020 Contest!
Last year I held this contest and it was a major flop, so I’m going to make strong efforts to make this one work! I feel like this is a great way to get everyone to continue making stories on Episode and I hope I can get some people to join in! To better everyone’s experiences, if you choose to join please answer the questions below!

This specific contest can seem a bit complex but truly it’s pretty simple.
To put it short, you are writing a story for someone based on what they want to read and someone else is writing you a story about what you want to read

When you sign up via the Google form I included in the section below, you’re asked several questions and the most important ones are what you want/don’t want to read and what you want/don’t want to write. Based on your answers, I pair each applicant to the person that bests fits the other. Everyone is writing for someone different, and everyone is reading a story from someone different.

You will not know who is writing the story for you. If, while writing, you need to ask the person you’re writing for a question, direct the question to me and I’ll ask them so you stay anonymous!
If this description doesn’t make sense please let me know and I’ll elaborate!

  • EVERYONE needs to finish the story they are writing
  • Don’t be rude and mean to other contestants
  • Write at least 3 chapters and post it to Episode with the #EpEx2020 in the title

If you are interested in joining, please click the link below to sign up!

Once we get enough people joining, I’ll pair everyone up with who they’re writing for!

1. How long should I give you all to write the stories?

2. How can I make people interested in this contest?

3. Should there be prizes?

4. What could be potential prizes?

Let me know if there’s any questions!


So any story or an episode story on the app?

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I really want to do this but it takes me soo long to write stories! I’ve been writing this story on episode for literally like 2 YEARS and I’m not even done with the first Ep. I always second guess myself lol.


I mean maybe I can try but it’s definitely not gonna be my best story. Because I do really want to do this!

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No like does the story have to be in episode app or do we just write the story the user wants?

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Oh that’s going to take a long time for me…

I think I’ll join, but it’s gonna take a while.


Yhea I think I’ll be joining too. But maybe I’ll have to finish it in the summer but I’ll try my best to finish it earlier…

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Frankly speaking, 5 episodes for minimum doesn’t seem realistic. It’s a really kind idea, though :blush:

This seems fun I wanna join :grinning:

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Three. Or just one. Writers could scrap work they did for themselves at any point. How would they do it for someone else without a real image of the prize? I’m saying story qualities do differ —sometimes drastically— and it’s not like an official Episode contest where there’s only one clear prize: get featured and earn tons of reads. Sorry if it sounds super materialistic. That’s just my thoughts.

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1 chapter could work if they make the latter two blank and lock them :joy: I’m not participating, but good luck on your contest. Seems like a nice way to get writers along ^^

I get that. It could seem weird to attempt to make a story that starts and ends in one chapter when you’re used to more.