Episode exclusive hair?

Yeah honestly we just need the basics not the fancy stuff as nice as they are :confused: or bunny ears that no one asked for lol

What do you mean by this?

Exactly I don’t personally ask for high fashion

or something but casual clothes that are trendy and look good because I feel that the clothes we have are not really great plus I discovered they have another flower crown unreleased ughhhh


What story is that?


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It was in the beta of a story called love on fire and the headband was still not released in a spring update maybe it will be use as filler later

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Now I know why we have those disgusting bunny ears it’s because they created them for their featured story college ish

they basically give us the scraps of things they don’t really find good

I’m not sure about others, but the only reason I read featured stories is to see the cool assets they haven’t released for all authors yet. Most featured stories don’t have eye-catching plots. Maybe Episode has noticed this and are keeping certain assets hidden so more people will read their official stories? Idk though it’s just a theory lol