Episode Fan Quiz?

So, I recently just come up with this in my head and can’t get out of my mind so…

Episode Fan Quiz- someone is gonna ask a random question from episode stories. Then the next will answer and can ask another question. But if you don’t know the answer and you wanted to ask now, you can say “pass”.

1: Who faked death in the story “Faking Death”?
2: The MC, bruuh. (It’s obvious.) ask question
3: answer question Who is the celebrity in Demi: Path to Fame?
4: Pass. ask question
And so on…

GONNA START WITH ME BRUUHSS!! (that’s really bruuhss, not brush.)

-What is Shelley’s full name?

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Michelle Manzo.

What does the MC’s mother hate in Forbidden Fruit?

Moved to Forum Games :v:t2:


What is Shelley’s full name in Dripping Mascara?

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Michelle Manzo
Why did the MC leave Roscoe in Black and Blue?

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A black and blue flower? (I know I’m awkward)

Name atleast three love interests in Adrenaline?

The gang leader? Idk the others lololol

What is the name of Luca’s kingdom in Sundosia?

Pass (Sorry, I don’t know)

Who is Robyn’s sin in “Falling For Sin” ?

Pass (I haven’t read the story. Sorry :thinking:)

Who are the two love interests of MC in The Shaw Brothers? (I think it’s an easy one :hugs:)

Pass (Heh, never read it)

Who is the author of “Deep Attraction” stories?

LadyDianna! :wink:

What’s the name of Trey Bailey’s dead sister in Chain Reaction?

Ohhhh, I have no idea… Can you tell me?

Who is the author of Chain Reaction stories?

It’s Kadie, the dead sister.

The author is… :drum:Drumroll:drum:


Who’s the villain in Deep Attraction? (I myself don’t know so I’m asking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Oh, there are many villains, but the main villain is the mafia they are fighting with (I can’t remember any names though.) And David as well (Chloe’s ex-boyfriend).

Who is Charlies love interest in “The Curse of Charlie” ?

The love interest that you get to customuze and name ???

Who was the prince of Cetrinda in Cetrinda?

I think he was…yeah! Redan!

Who are the twins in Rivals 2?

Pass (sorry dunno that :sweat_smile:)

What story in episode that has a title which is connected to the mc’s name and one of her love interests?

Pass (Is it The Curse Of Charlie? I dunno…)

Which story in Episode follows the daily lives of a black woman, who’s a newly appointed doctor and a teen girl, who suffers from cancer, both of them in the same hospital?

Pass never heard of it but I’d like to read it.
In the ruby tiara how many wives did the king have?

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Okay, I continue…

In Mr Anonymous, who’s the janitor that works in the school and uses to money that he gets for paying university fees?