Episode Fan Quiz?


Londyn Marshall.

In Fake Love, True Love, what is Mike’s (love interest) job?


He’s a song writer.

How many criminals does the story Infamous revolve around?


There are 6.

In Troublemaker, what is the MC’S sister’s name?


Who are the love interests in The Watchers?



What is the name of Damian’s sister in The Shadow Heir?


Have no idea.

In the story “BroZoned” what is the main characters full name?



In Not Interested, what is the MC’s name and two love interests names?


Why did the MC in “Faking death” faked her death?


Bullied by schoolmates and unloved by mother.
Who is the other boy adopted by the adoptive parents of the MC in “Faking Death”?


pass. What is the name of MC’s boyfriend before she meets Luca in Chain Reaction 3



Who made the story Fine Line?


Evil Ebonni

What is Lincoln’s favorite fruit in Maid for you?


Who created the story Ice ice baby? (i think it was ice ice baby idk)


Kayla Sloans

Who is the head mean girl I’m mean girls?


Even a five year old could tell that one.


What is the full name of the MC in Death’s Game: A New Era?


Althea Annesly, if I’m right. But I think she also had a middle name.

Who is the author of The ruby tiara?


@wincyyellow lmao

In the story Moonlit feathers, what is the mc?


Omg I love that story but completely forgot, it’s that girl “Raven” I think??

Who’s Andre’s dad?


Andre in Adrenaline?