Episode Fan Quiz?



Who is Ethan’s brother in Seven Roses?


can’t remember his name, but the cute one with brown hair.

Who is the main char in Crossed paths?

Crossed Paths By @Days



Who are the MC’s (both of them) in parallelogram?


I don’t know who :sweat_smile:

What is your love interest’s name in Famous New Girl? :heartpulse:


Who wrote my skater lover? (If you haven’t read it you realllllyyyyyy should!!! I didn’t write it but I wish I did :sweat_smile:)


Effy Ameer

What has healing powers in Detenu?
new story, if you haven’t read it… you should definitely check it out. Only 3 Episodes long and AMAZING!!!



Who are the MC and love interests in Body tangle?


Pass, bruh.

Who was the mother of Prince Kyros in The Ruby Tiara?


The one who always wore blue clothing and found the MC oops, I think I forgot her name when she arrived in Ethania. I think her name was Solona.

How is the Queens sister called in The Ruby Tiara?

If you haven’t read The Ruby Tiara you should really do, it’s amazing!


(Her name was Roxanne, the pink haired one. We could name Solona’s child as we wished to but Prince Kyros was named by the evil queen :smile:).

The Queen’s Sister is Katherine.

Who is the boss of MC and other co-workers in Pitch Perfect: Online?




Who is Mara engaged to in The Shadow Heir?


Lord Noah

What’s Dylan last name in Being Perfect?



What is Wesley’s sister’s name in Speak?



What is the name of the king of Grigolia in The Ruby Tiara?


King Nilus (I think?)

Who is the king of Grigolia in Moonlit Feathers?


Alistair? (i have such a good memory wow)

What is the name of Mara’s friend who refused to support her plan in the Shadow Heir?



Who is the MC in Chasing the Bad Girl?


Who is the MC in the New girl?



What is the name of Andre’s dad in Adrenaline?


The baby daddy in Billionaire Baby Daddy?