Episode Fan Quiz?



What are the names of Trey and Callie’s kids in the Chain Reaction series?


I only watch the it’s just an Illusion :pensive:
What’s the brothers name in the Shaw brothers?


Mason and Chrissy (Christopher)
What’s the name of Riccardo’s son in IJAI?


Rocco :scream::scream::scream:
Sierra daughter’s name from IJAI?


Who does the MC have a fake relationship with in Your Silhouette?


Where did Callie hide from Trey for 2 years?
Chain Reaction.


…i don’t remember. Was it America?

Who was Riccardo engaged to in IJAI3?


No I think it was France lool.


What is the name of love interest in The new girl?


Landon Wilder.

What is the name of Christopher and Mason’s dad in the Shaw Brothers?


…uhm I think Noah?
What is wrong with Christopher and Jade’s mum in Shaw Brothers.


Oh, she has Cancer, I believe?

Who does Reece have a deep crush on in Seven Roses?


Idk so I’ll pass. lmao
Who kills Sofia’s dad in the Chain Reaction 2 “King Theo”


Uhm…Sofia? :thinking: (I forgot, I need to binge-watch YouTube, LOL)

Who is the eldest child of Lord Rick in The Ruby Tiara?


WHo is the father of a baby in a Royal baby?


BlehhHhHh, pass D:

Who is the mother of MC in Positively Princess?


pass :((
What is wrong with Maddie’s mum in Maid for u?


Oh, she had tumour, I believe :thinking:

Who dies at the end of Chain Reaction: Theo?


…what?? Someone dies…is it Sofia’s dad?
Who did Callie marry in Chain Reaction


Trey Bailey,
Who wrote Speak?


What’s Grant’s dead fiancee’s daughter’s name in Chicanery?