Episode FEATURED story uses a star of david necklace on a non jewish character

These are screenshots from the new FEATURED story.

A non jewish character wearing the star of david necklace. This is so upsetting to see this. Especially when people here talked and explained about cultural clothes it seems like episode themselves choose to ignore it. How would you feel if you saw a non muslim character wearing a hijab? Or a non indian character wearing a tika or the new indian clothes they added? As a jewish girl I’m beyond disappointed right now. And I feel it was like a huge “we don’t care”. And I’m shocked that this is what they do in their featured stories. And it doesn’t appear once, it appears twice.

If this is not a jewish character, they shouldn’t be wearing this necklace. Period. This is not that hard to respect us and our culture.


I didn’t know that was something Jewish :thinking: it thought it was a star necklace, probably the author didn’t know either. Maybe you can contact her and tell her or sum


There was more than one thread about it here and it was quite popular. I’ll send a support ticket but they just feel like they don’t give a sh*t when it comes to jewish ppl


I still don’t understand how people don’t know it’s a Jewish cultural asset. Like, the name of the necklace is literally “star of David”… what David do they think it’s referring to? :sweat_smile:

Plus, idk the whole Shoah at least should’ve taught something… Jews were forced to wear it on their clothes. Is history not a thing anymore? Or idk, just general knowledge :confused:


To be fair, I do think there is a lot of young people who probably doesn’t know what the symbol means. I myself only found about the Star of David when I met my first Jewish friend, around age 15. I do understand that it should be used only for Jewish characters, but I just want to say that there is a lot of very young people on this platform. And I actually think it’s kinda our duty, somehow, to educate them on these matters. They probably thought it was a simple star necklace.


This is… a featured story which wasn’t written by someone young. I hope. Episode themselves made this necklace :flushed:


Hi, just here to amplify how awful this is.
This isn’t just a Jewish symbol for a non-Jewish character, they only put this necklace on PREMIUM OUTFITS.

They MAKE MONEY out of misusing our culture’s symbol!

Like-- Where do I begin to tell you how offended I am?

This wasn’t like that in the original story and Episode added this in themselves. How the hell did it pass their review team before publishing??? This is THE Jewish symbol, misused as a “pretty accessory with zero cultural and historical meaning because who the hell cares it’s CUTE!”


It isn’t new, but I was also pissed off at this as well even though I am not Jewish.

Episode has/had assets for several other necklaces or accessories, maybe even create a cute star necklace, but it creates a blurry line especially since if the character is actually Jewish then her antagonist dad is a walking villainous stereotype

Also, if I recall correctly, in general the character wears the Star of David necklace, mostly in school uniform.


As a jewish person, I do not give a flying crap. They’re not even disrespecting the symbol or anything. Stop being so sensitive :\


It’s okay if you aren’t offended, but people like you who call others sensitive over religion and culture is why others are scared to use their voice in fear of it being degraded or devalued.
See, the use of cultural or religious assets when the person does not associate with it is offensive. It’s okay if you’re not offended, but don’t speak for other Jewish people who find this offensive.
Have you seen the history behind Jewish people? The holocaust? MILLIONS of people died just because they were being who they were.
That’s why ignorantly using this asset nonchalantly like as if it’s another necklace is offensive.


They were brutally murdered, put in ovens and gas chambers, and taken away from their families for being Jewish, and now suddenly using this asset like as if it’s just another necklace when there’s so much meaning behind it is… offensive


personally I dont see the problem really, but again its not a subject I understand at all since I am not religious at all, and I am Danish I dont even know if we have cultural clothes, I dont think so

adding cultural stuff will have pros and cons, pro, diversity people happy to see their culture, cons people will miss use it,

but I still agree episode should do better, there is a big difference between someone who write a story for on personal gain, and a person who literally paid to do it we should keep those to a higher standard.

like I said I dont have culture, but I am autistic and I have seen that represented wrong a lot, some of the biggest charities groups for autims represent it wrong. they say things so wrong it would be like a priest saying Jesus was the son of Adam. that is wrong and I see it represented like that often. and yes it hurts, but I have learn to live with it, correct people when they are wrong, and leave the ones who dont care, because those are like talking to a brickwall waste of effort.


YOU “do not give a flying crap.” However there are many people who do. Many people take their religion very seriously and are allowed to feel how they want. Don’t tell people how they should feel, or that they’re being sensitive on ANYTHING just because you don’t feel the same way towards it. Everyone has their own opinions and right to feel as they will. :woman_shrugging:t4:


People literally do this towards racist jokes, culture, religion, etc. and it’s LITERALLY the reason why so many people don’t wanna speak up because they’re belittled for being offended over a matter that’s actually offensive!


they’re literally using the star of david as something you need to pay money for. i’m not jewish but i am very repulsed.


that I agree is wrong.


why am I not surprised, but yeah its wrong

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so support please

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They are disrespecting it by not using it currently. Again, imagine a hijab on a non muslim character :unamused:


There’s a lack of jewish representation in episode and it just doesn’t help 🤷